Zinc in products: iron health!

The human body contains all the elements of the periodic system, only some of them come from food. Products that are rich in zinc are characteristic of the table of compatriots, but not everyone knows about their zinc content. It is better to eat them yourself, not leaning on the dishes. The daily rate for an adult male is up to 16 mg, for women - up to 11. A greater amount of microelement is necessary for pregnant and lactating women - up to 17. Sometimes they meet the indicator - 25 mg The main thing is that it does not exceed 150-200 mg, otherwise poisoning and health problems are provided. Important! Zinc is sometimes ingested through drinking water stored in galvanized containers.
Zinc in foods
Zinc in products: they are rich in seafood!
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Zinc: the benefits and harm

This microcell is responsible for the state of memory, brain activity, intellectual abilities. Increased fatigue, want to sleep, and the child can not learn a poem? It's time to revise the diet.

Also zinc has other “missions”:

· Is responsible for physical development (especially important for pregnant women). It affects the formation of tissue, the state of the bone marrow;

· Bone strength, elasticity and density of hair, excellent nails are also impossible without this trace element;

· Intracellular processes (DNA synthesis) are also subject to zinc, it ensures the normal development and even the viability of the child in the womb;

· Promotes the absorption of other elements and vitamins (retinol), which has a positive effect on the health of the liver, skin;

· Affects the quality and speed of sperm (namely, due to the health problems of men, couples face infertility in 40% of cases).

But excess is also dangerous. Nausea, vomiting, weakness - even flowers. Liver cirrhosis, prostate problems, hair loss and anemia are an incomplete list of what a microelement can harm.

Zinc: in products or tablets?

In the case of increased physical activity, pregnancy, therapeutic diets, the doctor prescribes zinc tablets. In other situations it is better to adjust the power. You can vary the products, choosing the best for yourself. Fresh and heat-treated are equally useful, but it is better to prefer raw vegetables and fruits (they preserve vitamins).

What foods contain large amounts of zinc:

1.Oysters and other seafood remain the champions (it is important that they do not have mercury, so they choose small fish like capelin).

2. Veal liver, beef and pork - a great dinner or lunch for the whole family. Hearty and helpful!

3. Cereals (unprocessed). This wheat sprouts, bran, oatmeal, buckwheat, brown rice.

4. Vegetarians will taste nuts (pine, peanut, walnut), peas, raspberries, pumpkin seeds.

5. You should also add yeast, basil, egg yolk to the products. An excellent drink will be infusion of thyme.

If you think about the diet for the week ahead, you will save the budget, avoid monotony and include healthy dishes in the menu. Trace elements such as zinc prolong life and make it richer. Forgetting something or lain sad on the couch all day will not work. Zinc fights with a bad mood.

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