Wow! 12-year-old girl took birth in her own mother

Jacey did everything herself, even cut the umbilical cord. After that, the idea of ​​Beyonce to take with her to give birth to a five-year daughter does not seem so crazy.

In our country, according to the law, her husband can be near the mother in the maternity hospital - and for free. This, however, very few people know. Usually husbands attend childbirth for money. And in America, next to a woman at such a crucial moment there can be at least a football team - there would be a desire and a health certificate. Didi Karrawei decided to take her daughter with her.

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12-year-old Jasie asked to attend childbirth, even when her mother was pregnant with her second child. Then she was refused - they decided that the girl was too small. When the Carraway family decided to have a third child, Jayce again took up the persuasion.

“I even cried - I thought that they would not take me again to see how my brother was born, because I was still young,” said Jaishie.

Mom thought and thought and agreed.Shocked at the same time his doctor - he rarely had to see this.

“You’ll let her be with you when I am going to give birth?” Didi asked.

"What? No! ”- said Dr. Wolf, who was supposed to take delivery. But then he changed his mind.

At first, it was planned that Jacey would simply be present in the ward during childbirth. But ... the girl received even more than she wanted. As the mother told me three times, the doctor asked Jakey if she wanted to stand next to him when he would take the child. She, of course, agreed! And she took part in the process: Dr. Wolf told me what to do, and she did.

Photo: @ nikkismith9614
Photo: @ nikkismith9614
Photo: @ nikkismith9614
Photo: @ zackdede.carraway

“He really let me get the baby out! It was like a doctor game, but for real. This is real! To be honest, I was very nervous, ”Jacey recalls excitedly.

The girl also cut the umbilical cord herself - her father filmed the process on camera.

As Didi said later, her daughter's participation helped her to endure the pain - for some reason, epidural anesthesia did not work.

“I saw emotions on Jacey’s face. And it made me cry. Such a beautiful moment ... ”Didi does not regret at all the decision to take her daughter with her.

A boy weighing 3350 grams was born safely. He was called Casey.

“I was scared - suddenly I would do something wrong. But it was the best moment in my life, ”says the birth of Brother Jacey.

By the way, Jacey was planning to become a veterinarian. But now he is thinking about a career as an obstetrician-gynecologist. That, in general, it is not surprising.

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