Wool blend blankets - the perfect price-performance ratio

When choosing a quality blanket at the best cost, special attention should be paid to wool blend blankets. They perfectly cope with their basic functions - they warm in cool nights and organically complement the interior of a city apartment and a country house. You can use them as a classic blanket and rug.

A few words about the features In the manufacture of wool blend products, the technology of blending natural and artificial fibers is used. The proportion depends on the manufacturer and, as a rule, makes up 70-80% of natural wool and 30-20% of polyacrylic fibers. Thanks to this approach, wool blend blankets, in addition to the classic positive characteristics of products made of natural wool, have additional advantages in operation. The advantages of half-wool blankets: - retain heat even in the mostsevere frosts; - absorb moisture and "breathe" passing air; - do not cause allergies; - do not require delicate operation and care, do not sit down and do not lose external view after heat treatment; - does not take up much space during storage. Wool is environmentally friendly, has a beneficial effect on the human body, remains dry to the touch when absorbed up to 30% of moisture and does not create, so-called , Greenhouse effect. Half-woolen blankets are a prime example of the ideal "price-quality" ratio. Due to the synthetic components, the cost of production is somewhat lower than in the production of blankets from 100% wool, therefore, every hostess can buy a half-woolen product. By the way, you can see them in a classic strip or checkered dark tones in almost every kindergarten, hospital or sanatorium. Recommendations for choosing and maintaining Understand what kind of blanket (wool or wool blend) you buy , easily. To do this, just read the information indicated on the label. An indicator of wool less than 100% means that you have a wool blanket on your hands. The less the percentage of wool in the product, the cheaper and less natural, so give preference to 75-80%.The sizes for blankets are offered standard - one and a half and double, the specific choice depends only on the purpose of the product and the wishes of the buyer. Small is suitable for a child or as a rug, double on a standard bed. The colors of modern wool blend blankets also delight and allow you to choose a product for any interior and taste preferences. Care for a wool blanket is quite simple. It is allowed to wash in a washing machine using standard or delicate settings in temperature conditions up to 40 degrees. The use of any special detergent is not required. Drying is carried out in the normal mode, in a horizontal or vertical position, preferably without direct sunlight reaching the product. In the presence of persistent stains and dirt, it is better not to take risks with aggressive stain removers and take the blanket to dry cleaning. In this case, it will please your family and friends with a beautiful appearance for more than one year.

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