Wooden hemp watches

Wooden clock made of hempis a master class, we make a wall clock from sawn hemp with our own hands, as a result, the watches are interesting in shape and work well in the interior of a country house or in an old-style interior.

Materials and tools:

  1. Stump
  2. saw;
  3. set of clockwork;
  4. glue;
  5. furniture lacquer;
  6. grinding machine.

Step 1

We cut off a circle with a thickness of 2-4 cm from the stump. If the stump was wet, then the sawed circle should be allowed to dry. After drying, impregnate with antibacterial agent and glue.

Step 2

In the center of the circle, we drill a hole for the shaft of the clock mechanism and carefully grind the surfaces of the circle with a grinding machine (from large sandpaper to small paper).

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