Why is writing a webpage unavailable?

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Why is writing a webpage unavailable?

The use of the Internet is very tight in our everyday life. It is hard to imagine even one day without social networks, news and entertainment services, online TV, etc. In addition, thanks to the Internet, the search for any information turned into a simple and fascinating activity; you just need to go to the search engine page, enter a query, and you will instantly get the result.

In some cases, there are failures in the work of the Internet network of the provider or on your computer, which interfere with the usual web surfing. For example, Google may not work or when you try to open a website, the error "Web page is not available." There are many causes of such errors, as well as ways to solve them. Consider the most popular ones.

Why is writing a web page unavailable when opening a site?

First you need to make sure that the problem is not on the side of the provider. For this:

  • If the computer is directly connected to the network cable, make sure that the activity indicator (usually a yellow or green LED) is lit on the network card.
  • If the network cable is connected to the router, see if the indicator corresponding to the connection port is lit (usually indicated as WAN).
  • Go to the administrative panel of the router and make sure that he received the network address from the provider: �
    • open the browser and type in it the IP address;
    • after that, enter the login and password from the administrative panel;
    • when the main page loads, go to the �General� tab and see if there is an IP address in the WAN section;
    • in the absence of a network address - a problem with the provider.

Of course, the problem may be in the cable that is connected to the PC or router. Try to disconnect the cable from the network equipment and reconnect it. If this does not help - call the service number of your provider and find out about the status of the connection to the network at your address.

If the problem is not with the provider, you need to perform the following actions with your computer:

  1. Check that your provider settings are correct.
  2. Try restarting your browser.
  3. If the previous steps did not help, restart your computer.
  4. Scan your computer with antivirus software, as the problem may occur due to malware infection.

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