Why make promises

Why make promisesWhy make promises? Hold your heart and do not rush to make promises until you are sure that next to you is a worthy person. The book provides wonderful principles that will help you understand what your partner is. A reliable person is one who has a beneficial effect on your life. That is, next to him:


1. You open up. As relationships develop, your openness and ability to communicate with people grows. You learn to trust people. You are not locked in a relationship with a partner, but become open to wider communication. That is, the relationship with the chosen person has a beneficial effect on your relationships with all people.


2. You become yourself. A relationship with a reliable person helps you find your true self, to become what God intended you to be. You do not need to suppress yourself to please the partner. You grow, you develop, you expand the boundaries of your world and your possibilities. You are becoming better, more complete, fuller.


Why make promises? So, take care of your heart - do not waste your energy on those who do not deserve it.Learn new things, try different things, enjoy! But the heart - your main treasure - give only to those who deserve it. Christ taught: “Do not give holy things to the dogs, and do not cast your pearls before swine” (Matthew 7: 6). They will trample the jewels in the mud.


Worthy people are another matter. They - like a reliable repository. They will gratefully accept the treasure - your heart. Give it to a mature and reliable person. Then your treasure will not only continue, it will multiply the price. So, look for a reliable person - one who can be trusted with life. And while you have not met him - have fun and take care of your heart!


Starting work on my program, you are likely to encounter unexpected difficulties. What they will be depends on the individual. But they are quite capable to cool your ardor. Consider the difficulties that people face most often. You must be prepared for them.

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