Why is the internet speed low?

Many users often face the problem of reducing network traffic. The causes of this problem may be different. They can depend not only on the provider, but also cable bandwidth. We will talk about these and other nuances in this article. So why is the speed of the Internet small and how can one act in such cases to increase it?

Reasons for reducing the speed of the Internet

Let us proceed to the analysis of the most frequent causes that may cause a decrease in the speed of the Internet.

  • A common cause is the use of the Internet Explorer browser. This browser is able to significantly reduce data processing due to the fact that it is not optimized. Thus, the reason is not the low speed of the network, but the use of software that simply does not work correctly. In this case, it is simply recommended to use faster browsers. For example, Chrome or Opera.
  • Another common cause is the simultaneous launch of several programs that affect the operation of the processor.As in the previous case, the reason for the reduction in the processing of data coming from the network is not at all the reduced network speed, but the load on the computer. It is enough to close several background processes, and the speed of data processing will increase.
  • Also known reason for low speed is the use of optimizers. These programs reduce the speed of the Internet in order to optimize the performance of some sites. And some of them are built into browsers. Therefore, it is recommended to check the tab "Extensions", which is now in every browser. If you find that extensions are installed in your browser that affect the operation of the browser itself and reduce the speed of traffic, simply disable them.
  • The reason, which in itself does not depend on the user, may be a restriction on downloading certain files from the network. For example, you may find that files that you download from a particular site are downloaded to your computer for too long. The reason for this may be the load on the site server or the restriction on downloading. In this case, it is recommended to just wait for the server to restart.
  • Another reason may be a weak signal from the router. In this case, it is recommended to either replace it or use a cable connection. The reason for the reduced speed of the Internet can be a bad Wi-Fi module, which is built into your computer or laptop. With this problem, the user himself can hardly do anything. It is better to contact a specialized service.
  • The most common reason for the disruption of the Internet speed and, in particular, its reduction is the problem with the provider. This can often depend on weather conditions, network coverage of the provider of your choice and many other related reasons. This problem can be solved by changing the provider or using other tariffs that involve the use of a larger network coverage.

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