Why are they fired?

For many, dismissal is a sudden step into the unknown, at least half of the employees of any company fear and fear it. But you should not immediately put an end to your career and think with horror why you are being fired from a new or old job. It should be understood that the dismissal is a step into the future, which often allows you to reach new heights in professional activities and discover uncharted horizons.

If a person is dismissed from a previous job, he should start looking for even more ambitious and “big” positions without dismay, because dismissal is a chance to start life from scratch.

The most common reasons for dismissal are:

  • Discipline in the enterprise;
  • Truancy;
  • Abbreviations;
  • The inconsistency of employee position;
  • Theft;
  • Conflict with the manager, etc.

Of course, no one will be dismissed for a single absenteeism, as well as for a minor violation of the regime, but in the case of systematic repetition, the loss of a position is inevitable. In addition, it is worth noting that an employer can dismiss an employee for concealing mistakes or finding a new job during working hours.

Why are they fired from their previous job?

There are many reasons for which even the best employee can be fired. It all depends on his actions, the opinion of the authorities and other factors, such as the financial condition of the company, etc. In most cases, dismissal is a rather lengthy process, as the employer needs to find a replacement for the employee’s dismissal. In addition, the employee himself must transfer all his projects to another person, as the company must work in all situations. Also, when dismissal relies compensation from the former employer, which is not taxed.

Let us consider in more detail the most common causes of dismissal from work, as well as ways to protect against them.

The need to put in a chair relative or protégé

In some cases, managers want to place their henchmen in the “cushy” place. They may not have a specialized education, often they have no desire to work, but the main thing is that the manager patronizes them. Practically every employee can suffer from such a situation.

To prevent dismissal for this reason, you must make yourself truly indispensable for the company. Any sane manager will not dislodge the best employees, as this can harm his business.

Quarrel with leadership

A similar situation can happen with almost every person. If a manager is very capricious and proud, he can easily drive out a careless employee who dared to reproach him (even if the boss was wrong). In addition, directors often overestimate the bar and require their employees to get the most out of their work for a penny salary - this is also a very common cause of dismissals. The greedy employer tries to save on everything, loading each employee with a bunch of extra, non-core business.

In this situation, the best way out will be either a calm attitude to all the tricks of the boss, or self-dismissal and the search for a more decent job.

Employee competence too high

If an employee is able and knows more than his boss, for the latter, this is a big problem. In such a situation, an employee of a company can easily “hook up” his director, as a result of which he will lose his position.Unscrupulous bosses are trying to get rid of such employees, even causing damage to their company.

In order not to get into such a situation, it is best to avoid making loud statements about the competence of the authorities and not to show their superiority over the management. It is better to take a neutral position and to carry out your work in good faith.

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