Why dream of a tree

Generally speaking, a tree in a dream can have two meanings. A lively, green tree has a positive color, while the thicker its crown, the better. Dry or broken tree in almost all dream books does not bode well. What other interpretations offer dream books?

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Why dream of a tree
Why dream of a tree

Small Veles dream

Considers a dream tree in the same way. A living, strong plant foreshadows profit, and when it is dried or broken, a monetary loss or illness. Planting a tree is for wealth; hack - to the loss in the family, the illness of a family member; breaking branches - to quarrel, break up. A dry tree can foreshadow failure, illness, burial, sadness or treason.

If you saw a tree in a dream, dried in the courtyard of any of the relatives, then trouble should be expected in that family. The bent tree foreshadows the need, the falling - quarrels in the family, the burning - the loss and sadness, the bare - the disease or widowhood. The shady tree foreshadows the execution of plans, and the blooming success, profit and a happy event.

Dream Medea

Associates the dreamed tree with the dreamer himself. The stem is its position in society, the rhizomes are vital attitudes and strategies, the foliage is a relationship with the environment, the bark represents the degree of resistance to the environment.

A strong green plant with lush noisy foliage dreams of people with a stable position in society, having close kinship and friendship. A dry tree without leaves dreams of loneliness, obstacles, an unexpected break in existing relationships. If you dream of how a tree blooms - to love and the emergence of new attachments.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova

Why dream of a tree on this interpreter? Just as in the previous explanations, in it a healthy tree predicts a quick income, flowering - business achievements, fruitful - goodness and tranquility. Dreams, where a tree is cut, acquire a negative coloring - this is a loss, and when torn out with a rhizome, death and mourning are foreshadowing, burning signals about upcoming losses. Sawn logs and bars are precursors of money or inheritance, while the fatter the trunk, the greater the potential profit.

Dream Miller

He treats dreams about trees a bit more varied. So, cherry promises material benefits and profits, and cherry blossoms bring happy changes. Apricot tree warns about the change of residence, about the forced relocation. This dream book also tells about what dreams of trees in bloom. A high flowering tree foreshadows a happy life, harmonious relations with a partner, respect for colleagues and material incentives from the authorities.

Dream Interpretation Felomeny

Examines the dreams associated with trees, more fully and provides answers to many questions. A bare tree without leaves, as in other dream books, warns of material and financial losses and failures in new affairs. Well, who warned, he is armed. Be attentive to yourself and others, try to keep the situation under control and do not relax.

In this dream book, a tree with buds means a favorable situation in your life, the opportunity to receive good news. Fruits in the midst of thick greens predict tremendous success and an excitingly interesting future. Also, the fruit tree hints at summarizing any activity (harvesting).

To see the cutting of a tree in a dream - to soon, unexpected and dramatic changes in your life. The atmosphere of the picture of sleep will tell you whether it will be good or bad. If after such a dream you woke up with a good mood, then you should not be afraid of trouble. A tree was felled - your thoughtless actions in life can lead to collapse and problems. Watering - you are guaranteed the respect of colleagues and people around them. Draw a tree on paper - wait for financial success or receive a bonus and a gift.

Down from the tree - in real life you spend a lot of energy for nothing: you buy unnecessary things, you take everything too close to your heart, you fuss a lot. Hugging a tree - probably soon receive recognition, consolidate your position in society. Upcoming events will change your life for the better. Count on success, recognition and prosperity. A tree covered with snow warns that you are lagging behind modern life, you need to open your eyes to avoid trouble.

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