Why dream of a boar: interpretation of sleep in dream books

The dream books will help to figure out what the boar dreams of, usually such interpretations are interpreted as probable anger, negative. A dream warns that in reality a person will face cruelty to himself. But this is not the only interpretation.

Dream Interpretation Felomeny: what can a boar dream about

The fleeing animal is a symbol of resolving a difficult situation in your favor. If a person sees a whole family of runaway boars, then ahead of him waiting for a strip of luck and good luck.

If you just dreamed of a wild boar running past, then this is a change for life. What they will be, will tell his appearance.

  • Skinny and old - not too joyful events await the person.
  • Fat and well-fed - fortunately.

Female dream book

In a dream, a running pack of boars loudly grunt - in reality you will have to fight for your honor. The person learns about himself ugly gossip.

Why dream of a boar woman? There are several interpretations:

  • fattened hog - things will get better;
  • sell an animal - to buy real estate.But to find the perfect option, you have to work hard;
  • skinny boar - messenger of trouble;
  • the whole family - ahead is coming a good period for any undertakings.

For an unmarried lady - a boar can dream to get acquainted with a wealthy fan, and even marriage.

You can interpret a dream, based on the color of the animal's skin.

  • Black - a person in reality will face the meanness of a close friend or relative. Do not share with anyone the details of his personal life.
  • White - marriage (according to the dream book of Aesop) or improvement in current affairs. Especially if the boar is friendly.

Forward wild boar - a clash in real life with a very angry man.

Biting animal - you need to reconsider your way of communicating with people around you. Your actions have turned a group of people against you.

If the aggressor becomes a small hog - you need to be careful of conflict situations. The mother protects the baby - in reality, a serious conflict with relatives or a loved one is possible.

Dream Miller

A successful hunt, which ended in the death of a wild boar - the fulfillment of all desires, the achievement of the goal, the victory over an opponent and the elimination of a competitor.Sleep is interpreted as the danger of an accident or sudden illness.

Eating wild boar meat in a dream is an improvement in the financial situation over the coming months. You can invest money in projects safely - you will be the winner.

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