Why do you need to take a cold shower


Strengthens will power

If you take a cold shower, you will begin to strengthen your willpower. It is necessary to improve sleep patterns, learn to hold on to your emotions, start eating right, get rid of bad habits and achieve your goals. To train willpower in this way, it is enough to stand under a cold shower for just a minute. It will be unpleasant for you, but therein lies the point. But after a shower you will cheer up and it will be easier for you to concentrate at work.


Cold shower teaches to endure discomfort. This skill is necessary to learn to restrain emotions in unpleasant and inappropriate situations for aggression, for example, on the road. If you are not yet ready to stand under a cold shower, but want to develop this skill, start small - you have to endure when some part of your body has itched. When you exercise patience, learn to accept change. If you can accept the bad, then begin to appreciate the good


Many meditation practitioners use breath to concentrate. When you take a cold shower, you automatically concentrate on how to breathe. At this time you are not able to talk about the past and the future, you have only the current moment. Therefore, a cold spirit, like meditation, helps mentally escape from problems for a short time.


A cold shower will make you understand that before the cold, all people are equal. He will help make you a more disciplined, energetic and calm person. If you regularly take a cold shower, you will notice a change in a month.

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