Why do we stick to stress and how to end it?

Stress, which sometimes comes into our lives, does not depend on the time of year. You can’t tell him: come on, boy, let's take a break for the summer, because summer is a little life and the like. Emotional stress is the same as the season of berries and fruits in the yard - it's time to lose weight and fill with vitamins. He comes without an invitation, and it would be good to notice and stop the accompanying habits of “pleasing” yourself with something edible five times a day.

Jamming a bad mood and anxiety is a real problem that we are not immediately aware of. Observe how often you allow yourself junk food and what happens to your form in general. Are your states “something is not good for me” and “I’ll go spare a piece of cake”? The first half hour you will probably catch the euphoria and life will seem sweeter, but then everything will return to its original positions. That is why the fight against stress with food is such an insidious task, which sometimes does not come out without help, but you still have to try to take responsibility. Take a chance?

How to stop at last to seize stress?

Set a task for yourself to control the situation and monitor the foods that you eat. Dodge PMS, retrograde Mercury and ill-fated chief - do not run for french fries at the first signal of an impending disaster.

They caught themselves thinking "I'll start playing sports and I'll be just as slim"? This is an invisible permission to continue to eat. There is plenty of evidence that it is from nutrition that the right steps begin in the direction of physical fitness and volume reduction. So watch your condition yourself, because neither a good nutritionist, nor a professional trainer can do for you the first and important step to realizing what is happening.

Why do we stick to stress and how to end it?

Why do we stick to stress and how to end it?

The second thing you can do is to record all the snacks that you allow yourself during the day. It sounds silly, but this simple action will allow an objective assessment of the scale of the “disaster”. Chips for watching the series, cookies in parallel with scrolling Facebook ribbon, tea and sweets at the workplace - think about how many extra calories you consume. Thoughtless food turns into unnecessary kilograms, from which it is most difficult to get rid of.And even training here will not help, as long as there is room for useless meals.

A good chance to get closer to proper nutrition is not to buy anything extra home. No bread, sauces, chocolates just in case - this is all food spam, which you should certainly refuse. An obstacle on the way to a detox-fridge can only be a husband or a boyfriend. Give them all the useless, non-nourishing. Surprisingly, for many men, it's a matter of honor to love Coca-Cola or ketchup. They can prove with genuine passion that they will not give up their favorite goodies under any circumstances. But we understand what kind of character? These are those who say "men do not dance", do not recognize lettuce leaves and scoff at soy milk. And all that remains is for us to understand and forgive them.

Another way to prevent excess eating is to ask yourself: am I really hungry? It is probably suitable for those who are adapted to self-perception and are able to identify both real hunger and an attempt to fill the emotional void. If you feel that you are often seized with anxiety, then approach this topic not from the point of view of food, but from the causes of stress.Here it is important to gently and carefully treat yourself and think about how to protect yourself from destructive emotions.

Why do we stick to stress and how to end it?

Why do we stick to stress and how to end it?

Why at all during stress want to eat from a medical point of view? The brain sends a signal to the adrenal glands, the adrenal glands throw a portion of cortisol into the blood, which says that you need to replenish your energy immediately with something high-calorie. Cortisol has another unpleasant and enemy property: it sends signals to keep all unused calories in the form of fat, mainly in the abdominal area.

How to reduce cortisol? Learn to breathe (and not eat) during anxious thoughts. Stop, realize, breathe through them, and not chew. Of course, go in for sports. Regular and active. The more intense the training, the more cortisol will decrease. Well, returning to the very beginning, we repeat: you should prefer natural products. It is important to come to a stable level of sugar in the blood and supply the body with anti-stress nutrients - magnesium, zinc, calcium, vitamins of group B. They are responsible for the Mediterranean diet: vegetables, fruits, fish, nuts, healthy fats and dairy products.Well, the main thing that should be realized once and for all: it is impossible to eat something to lose weight. It would not have joked on this topic!

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