Why do people think that it is impossible to give a clock for a birthday?

Every second person has a rather impressionable character. We believe the opinions of people, omens and superstitions, sometimes without even thinking about why we are doing this. Just from childhood we are convinced of certain things and, growing up, we firmly believe in their correctness. Although sometimes every person has well-founded questions. For example, why not give a clock for a birthday?

Probably not in the world of a man who did not ask his friends why this gift is not suitable for a holiday. Most people answer unequivocally: because. As a result, each of us is perplexed, because the watch is a worthwhile thing that everyone needs, and especially a birthday man.

Let's try together to find out why in our time it is not customary to give a watch to another person or it may still be possible. This will be discussed today in our article.

And what if you can?

In this life, you can do anything.And accordingly, you are free to give your loved one what you wish. The watches are worth decent money, and the birthday boy will surely take this into account. In addition, the watch is an accessory that will not gather dust on the shelf for years, never once, without having pleased everyone with its benefits and beauty.

A good watch can please for many years not only its owner, but even his children and grandchildren. After all, everyone knows that it is customary to pass the clock and rings by inheritance. Therefore, if you are far from any kind of prejudice, then you can safely give a clock for a birthday.

It is important not to forget to take into account one important but. The person to whom you are going to give a watch should share your distrust of superstition. Otherwise, with your gift you simply “kill” the person. And forever leave in his soul a sad imprint.

Signs and superstitions

The tradition to deprive the hero of the day on his birthday the opportunity to get a great watch has its own history. Moreover, no sign in the world is associated with the clock. Consider the main ones:

  • In all the Chinese are guilty. Well, maybe not quite in everything, but at least that the clock is not presented, this great nation is to blame.From the moment people started using watches for their intended purpose, the Chinese began to use this accessory in a very unusual way. With the help of hours, they invited relatives and friends to the funeral. Such associations do not cause pleasant emotions.
  • One way or another, they are associated with negative. Judging by the Slavic traditions, if you take the clock as a gift, you will bring troubles, sadness and emptiness into your life. Scientific evidence of this fact is not.
  • According to another, you will steal from a person the years of his life. Thus, such a gift will make a person quickly say goodbye to his youth.
  • For many years, there has been a superstition that a watch is able to separate a loving couple and pick up their feelings.
  • The toughest sign says that at the moment when the donated clock stops working, their owner will die. Doubtful people are especially afraid of the execution of this superstition, so they do not want to receive such a gift.


Even if the birthday man doesn’t give a damn about all the signs, you can greatly hurt him by giving him a watch. If he doesn’t have a special punctuality in life and often hears the reproaches of others because of this lack, he sees the watch, he will instantly understand what you are hinting at.The mood will be spoiled, and it is unlikely that after this the birthday boy will wear them and come in time.

The freedom-loving person also does not need them. For him, time is fleeting and does not matter, and your gift will be a signal that it is time to stop. Not everyone likes to receive instructive gifts.

Older people will also not be happy to receive such a gift. It is sad to know that the best years have passed. Hours, especially on a birthday, will remind you of this sad fact. Therefore, it is better for grandparents to never give them at all.

For the same reason, do not give them to people with serious illnesses. Believe me, they value every second of life even without a clock. So on their birthday, it is better to give them attention and love.

What if I got them?

If you believe in omens do not rush to a man with fists, seeing how you are given a clock for a birthday. First of all, say thanks and give the ransom for the watch. It should be symbolic money. Thus, the watch you did not receive as a gift, and bought them.

If you are so impressionable about donated things, then soon give them away or sell them.Get out of your eyes and enjoy life as before.

Now you know all the subtleties associated with this accessory, so decide for yourself whether you need to give them a birthday or not. There is no evidence that they carry a negative - but it’s just that there are no signs.

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