Why do I need a school?

It is unlikely that someone needs to explain why the school is needed, but you can look at this question from the other side. If we consider school education as a system of voluntary-compulsory measures with a medium that is sufficiently hostile to the child, then there are few who wish to give their children to the mercy of this system. Recently, the quality of our education has been steadily deteriorating, and the acquired knowledge, most often, to graduates is absolutely not needed. After all, everything that has been driven into their heads over the course of ten years is either completely unsuitable, or served in an excessively curtailed form.

Nowadays, few graduates know how to correctly write and speak Russian, and after all this has never happened before. Why? Because the number of hours allocated for teaching the native language has been reduced to a minimum, and many works, which are extremely important for the formation of a correct perception of the native language, have been deleted from the program on Russian literature. And it would be good if they were replaced with something, because in Russia there have always been a lot of talented writers whose works are not ashamed to give to children to study.But no, apparently, to our officials from the “Ministry of Education”, otherwise it is difficult to call our Ministry of Education, it is not very important whether the current generation will know their native language and literature. It is in connection with this that the question arises: why do you need to go to school?

Why, if all the necessary knowledge can now be obtained on the Internet or with the help of tutors, as the children of rich parents learn? Why, if the knowledge gained in school is not so useful, and psychological trauma received there, can stay with a person for life? Or where do you think people get such a huge number of complexes about their appearance, manners, character traits and even mental abilities? The school should carry knowledge to children, teachers should show children the best examples of behavior, but we and teachers are often people who cannot be allowed into pedagogy even within the distance of a gun shot. Many frankly, and often and unknowingly, put out their old complexes on children. Is this the school we dreamed about?

Who is to blame - obviously. Are not those people who lower the directive for the directive on changing the curriculum? Aren't they the peoplewho have entered these exam examinations? The majority of specialists in the field of pedagogy have long recognized that it is insane to take humanitarian disciplines through the unified state examination system. Some candidates and doctors of science can not unambiguously answer the questions proposed to students. Unification is good, but it is needed far from everywhere and not in everything.

So is a school needed? We still answer this question: yes, we need it. The school educates and disciplines the child, hardens his character. This is how it should be. It must educate the individual, but not suppress it. Do we need specialists? Yes, we need more than ever. Can the current education system in the form in which it exists to give them to us? Hardly. The knowledge given to children is haphazard and often useless, because there is no need to stuff humanitarians with trigonometry, and those who are drawn to technical disciplines - with the history of Ancient Rome. Children just need to be introduced to things a little, but in no case impose. If a child is not interested in something, he will forget it anyway, and learning from a stick doesn’t give much - we all know about it.

At the same time, it is necessary to pay close attention to competent speech and writing, because a person who cannot speak competently in his native language is an ignoramus. Let's hope that soon the children in the essay “Why the school is needed” will write: “School is needed in order to help get the knowledge and skills necessary for me, as well as in order for me to have friends and new opportunities for communication”. This is the main task of the school. As soon as it will be, people will remember school years with gratitude.

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