Why choose ecotourism?

If you crave adventures and at the same time care about the preservation of the environment, then you should pay attention to ecotourism. And what is it? And how to become a real ecotourist?

What it is?

What is ecotourism? There is no exact definition. Such a direction can be described as tourism, implying a responsible and caring attitude to the environment, as well as traveling to natural places almost untouched by man, in order to get an idea of ​​the terrain features. Another name for such tourism is “green”, and it briefly but succinctly describes the essence.

How and when did it appear?

For the first time the term “ecotourism” was used at one of the conferences by the Mexican environmentalist Ector Ceballos-Lascuraine in the first half of the 80s of the last century. At the same time, traveling to unique, untouched places became popular.

Many associate the emergence of this type of tourism with the desire of man to unite with nature, as well as to protect the environment.Indeed, at the end of the last century industry developed actively, and cities became more and more lively, so that residents of large metropolitan areas were tired of the bustle and consequences of large-scale production and sought rest in the bosom of nature.


Why is it worth becoming an ecotourist and choose this type of tourism? Its main advantages:

  • Full unity with nature, which will give harmony and allow you to enjoy aesthetically and take a break from the bored city bustle.
  • Fresh air and an active lifestyle is a guarantee of health. Ecotourism will help improve the work of the respiratory, cardiovascular, nervous and many other important systems of the body.
  • It is not expensive! You do not have to pay for hotel accommodation and other services provided in all popular resorts. Ecotourism is a pleasant, but affordable and affordable holiday.
  • It is interesting! You will see many unique places, fascinating for its beauty.
  • You will have the opportunity to make your vacation unusual, individual, interesting and even useful. Agree, this holiday is worthy of attention.

As for the shortcomings, then there is only one, but it is conditional and insignificant. Many fear the lack of comfort.But do not worry, because a number of modern devices will help to make life as convenient and quite acceptable as possible, and in some natural places all the conditions for a good rest are created.

Basic principles

Features of eco-tourism:

  • Satisfaction of the need for communication with nature. This means that travel should be, above all, desirable and enjoyable for the traveler. If unity with nature is not for you, then you should choose another type of tourism.
  • Maintaining the environmental sustainability of the environment, as well as minimizing the negative effects of environmental and socio-cultural nature. This means that the intervention of tourists should be minimal. That is, do not break branches, cut down trees and cause harm to nature.
  • The main purpose of travel is to get acquainted with nature, as well as with the features of the area, and not only natural, but also cultural (if we are talking about a trip to a village or a settlement).
  • Preventing negative environmental impact. Ecotourists can be called peculiar nurses of the forest.So if you went on a trip, then tune in to the protection of nature and be prepared for it. For example, if you see a fire in the forest, you must put it out. If there is a mountain of garbage on your way, do not pass by, but remove it.
  • Environmental education and education. It is not enough just to explore the area. This ecotourist will certainly go into details and learn the history and features of the place. This is a hallmark of green tourism.
  • Actively promoting the protection of local culture and nature. As noted above, ecotourists are actively involved in the protection and conservation. The easiest option of participation is to ensure the purity of the territory.
  • Local residents not only take an active part in traveling (for example, they talk about local culture, show their way of life, etc.), but also receive income from tourism activities, which is directed to further development, protection and ennobling of the terrain.
  • Every self-respecting ecotourist should make a feasible contribution to the development of the visited region. The easiest and most effective way is to make donations.Their amount can be fixed or determined voluntarily.


First of all, passive and active ecotourism is distinguished. The first involves a relaxing holiday in the lap of nature. Active ecotourism involves exploring the area, as well as taking part in its protection, protection and enrichment.

Depending on the characteristics and goals of recreation, there are several types of green tourism:

  • Recreational ecotourism. Its main goal is relaxation and aesthetic pleasure. This type includes any hikes, picnics and other activities held in nature.
  • Scientific ecotourism. Its objectives can be a study of the area, observation of certain species of animals, the study of flora and so on. Tourists not only relax, but also gain new knowledge.
  • Historical ecotourism implies clarification of the history of the studied area, its cultural features.
  • Agritourism is traveling to villages, villages and other similar settlements. Such trips will help to learn the life and lifestyle of rural residents and plunge into their lives.
  • Adventure tourism includes any movements in natural areas,produced by unusual methods, for example, rafting, horse tourism, diving, canyoning, mountaineering, ski tourism, rock climbing, ice climbing and so on. This is a real extreme and a sea of ​​new impressions!

Where to travel?

There are plenty of places for eco-travel, you just need to know them.


Russia has many unique natural regions and places:

  • Baikal is a crystal clear lake, surrounded by mountains and forests. Having been here at least once, you will certainly want to come back here again.
  • Karelia is a terrific place. There are waterfalls, islands, rocks, lakes, stunning forests, traces of ancient volcanoes, and amazing animals. And also hospitable people live in Karelia who will be happy to tell about the features of their native land. Lake Onega and the White Sea deserve special attention.
  • Mountain Altai is not only beautiful, but also a mysterious place, with which many legends are associated. The most interesting objects are the Chuysky tract, the Belukha mountain, North Shambhala, and the Teletskoye lake.
  • Far East. There are many places that have not yet had time to touch the hand of a man.The unique landscape of the area is stunning, as well as rare and rare animals.
  • Kamchatka. Local nature remained the same as it was hundreds of centuries ago. Kamchatka volcanoes deserve special attention.
  • Caucasus. Although this place is popular among ordinary tourists, there are a lot of places untouched by people with original culture and unique nature.
  • Yakutia is a virgin northern nature.


In Ukraine, you can see many beautiful places in which you can appreciate both the amazing nature and cultural features and traditions:

  • In the eastern and central parts of the country there are many objects of ecotourism: Great Sorochintsy, Dykanka, Kherson region, Opishnya village, Petrikivka village.
  • As for the western part of Ukraine, the places located in such areas as Chernivtsi, Lviv, Transcarpathian, Ivano-Frakovska and others deserve special attention.
  • There are many interesting places in the vicinity of Kiev: Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky, Balyko-Schuchinka, Falcon Farm, Kachanivka, Chernihivshchyna.
  • Podillya. This area includes the Khmelnytsky, Ternopil and Vinnytsia regions.


If you want to explore abroad, then pay attention to such countries as Nepal, Costa Rica, Finland, New Zealand, Tanzania, Australia, Kenya, Ecuador, Ireland, Sweden, Croatia, Norway, Scotland and others.

Enjoy ecotourism, enjoy and benefit!

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