Why are girls in Russia the most beautiful, but men are not?

Abroad they say: “Do you have a girlfriend? You're lucky! ”,“ Oh, you got married? Great luck! "There it is considered: there is no girl or wife - you are a loser, go look!

And what do they say we have a Russian man? I hope you don’t need to repeat, you are all aware of expressions like “zailed”, “got your hands on”, “ohomutali”.

Why is it like an annoying duty for an average Russian man, and for Europeans or Americans a prize that must be earned?

Everyone says that the reason for such a distortion in wars, revolutions and other cataclysms that changed the ratio of men and women in favor of the latter, but ... Are you sure that there is no such distortion in Western countries?

It seems to me that this is absolutely not the case. The point is in our own installations, when traditionally the whole society says to girls:

It is necessary to get married.

Every woman has to give birth to children - this is the meaning of her life.

And actually, therefore, our women, figuratively speaking, walking on the ceiling, "would be nice next."

And what they say to our man?

Take a walk, have time to marry.

Bab a lot, you will always be there.

Do not rush to hang a yoke.

Remember the scandalous dress of Irina Shayk at the Oscars -2016? Swearing at her is scary then the whole world. She showed all the nature of our women with her dress. Dressed to the nines, as much as possible naked on the verge of decency, they show everything they can.

Why are girls in Russia the most beautiful, but men are not?

Do you think why our Russian women are considered the most beautiful? It is not at all because we, Russians, Russians (call it what you please), are in fact such charming or even something outwardly different from women living in other countries. We are just ready to constantly fight for a man. And it is precisely the struggle where the main weapon will not be a Kalashnikov assault rifle, but a lowered shoulder strap, bright make-up and supersexual clothes. At the time, as an American or some European woman would never think to wear stockings - they are also harmful to health! - and stunning studs in 24/7 mode, to be always fully armed.

Just our women are set to seize and hold, and foreign women - to attract men, and then only when they consider it necessary.Therefore, they have cotton comfortable pants, and we have a thong, mercilessly rubbing all that concern

Just different degrees of freedom, different gender roles. It’s good or bad for everyone to decide for themselves, but we live in Russia, where men are completely spoiled by the feminine beauty that surrounds them.

By the way, it is fair to note that a man is:

Not a crutch to support your own ego.

Not a way or a means to solve all sorts of problems and personal crises.

Not an idol or object of worship.

Not a gold medal, which you have to brag to others.

Now, after all, we do not need to plow the land and carry weights, we live in a civilized world where there is a plumber and another repairman on call, so the presence or absence of a man in your life does not change anything at all. You just need to relax and wear those hateful thongs only when you want, but not always, because we have to be beautiful. Otherwise, our men are not rehabilitated.

Why are girls in Russia the most beautiful, but men are not?

And our men, too, should change their attitude towards women, as it seems to me, and more to deal with themselves. After all, there is something fair in that Russian men are considered the most unattractive among Europeans.

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