Why are fools lucky

Some people do their best to achieve success, but they do not succeed. Others, perhaps less experienced and educated, receive life benefits with a calm smile.

Openness to new

Remember how a fool behaves in fairy tales. He does not refuse to help anyone, is not afraid of anything and does not act according to some clear plan. If you translate it into the language of modern life, it is open to everything new and does not put any restrictions for itself.
People who come up with clear plans for the future may miss the opportunities they are given. This is due to the fact that the individual is focused on another and does not want to deviate from the chosen path. But why is he so sure that this is exactly the right and the shortest path to success?Luck can give everyone a chance. Someone sees him and grabs him, while others turn away from future success.

Hard work

In fairy tales, the fool is not afraid of work and is not cunning to figure out how to go at someone else's expense. In life, hardworking people who take on hard work can get a good bonus. They are engaged in work for which other brothers do not want, and take the lead.
One type of people is looking for a warm place to work less and get all the necessary benefits. Having settled down on the desired place, they relax, are often online in social networks during working hours and generally try to strain less.Such individuals are sometimes called smart, thoughtful and cunning.
In contrast to them, "fools" who are not looking for cronyism and easy ways, begin their careers from the bottom. They study hard and reach greater heights than the first kind of people.
It happens that a person, in his simplicity, takes on a complex project. Others only chuckle behind his back, but only as long as he does not brilliantly cope with the task and does not receive a promotion. Envious people think that this fool was just lucky.

Optimistic attitude

Naive, simple people are not inclined to hold on someone evil, to show negative or aggression. They do not make insidious plans or intrigues. The absence of such negative thoughts is good for their aura and the reality around them.
Thanks to its kindness and openness, tranquility and faith in miracles, the “fool” can get some benefits through efforts multiplied by the power of positive thoughts.An optimistic attitude helps them to cope with difficulties and quickly recover from difficult events.
Seeing a person who is in a good mood and is pleased with everything that he has, the evil envious people are outraged and indignant: well, why is this fool again having such luck? But the point here is not at all in luck, but in relation to life.

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