"Who ate asphalt?": Anecdotes to create a real spring mood

Already the second week of March is coming to an end, and the spring mood, although it exists, still refuses to melt the treacherous snow on the streets of most cities. Even in the south of the country, locals complain of surprisingly wet and dank weather.


Photo source: pixabay.com

The winter of 2017-2018 was really quite severe, and the February frosts made nature really nervous. In Yakutia, the average temperature was kept at -60 degrees Celsius. Moreover, Russian frosts even reached Europe, and there they were obviously not used to such things.

Therefore, since spring is not in a hurry to indulge us with its warm breath, we will have to create the necessary mood by artificial means. Well, since avitominoz is a concomitant phenomenon of this time of the year, we suggest organizing prevention with laughter.

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