Where is the Outlook Address Book?

Olga Izvekova
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Where is the Outlook Address Book?

The address book is a database of names and addresses of mail correspondents and is designed to simplify the work with mail programs. Two ways to get into it:

  • Outlook Express - Address Book panel.
  • Start menu - Programs, choose "Standard", then "Address Book".

The address book file itself is called XXXX.wab, where XXXX is the name of your account from which you log into Windows.

The place where the Outlook address book is located is the place where the operating system itself is located (usually C), you need to search in �Documents and Settings�, a subdirectory with the name of your account. Next, open the Application Data folder, Microsoft in it, and then the Address Book subdirectory.

Usually this section is hidden, so Total Commander is used for viewing.

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