Where better to relax on the Black Sea?

All over the world, a vacation on the black sea is the most popular place to have a great time. However, everyone always has the question ofwhere is the best place to rest and relax on the black seabecause it is big. Below are the most popular and beautiful places in the Crimea, which is worth a visit. See also how cheap to buy a plane ticket, useful information.


Krasnodar regionThis is the most popular holiday destination for Russian tourists. Many began to notice that small towns and villages are gaining popularity in this region. Yes, and they want to relax here just those who do not want to be located on the quiet beaches. Here drive and a large number of people. This place is especially attractive for young people.


Crimea is a great place to relax. Here are beautiful beaches, great sea, beautiful hotels. But despite the fact that this is really a wonderful place, tourists still wonder where it will stay. The most commonplace answer is Yalta.However, in addition to it, there are also wonderful places here.


Where to rest on the Black Sea?



Yalta, this is the most famous resort of Crimea. And such glory was fixed for this area for a reason. Indeed, in fact, here is a huge number of attractions that are visited annually by a large number of tourists.


Moreover, it is in Yalta that you can have a great rest with your child.Yalta ZooandGlade of Fairy Tales, able to give your baby an unforgettable experience.


However, there are some drawbacks. In particular, it is here that beaches are always crowded, and that is why there is almost always dirty water. If you are a lover of pure sea water, you will have to go outside the city.


Another significant disadvantage are prices. If you come to Yalta in the summer, then you hit the very peak of the season, and therefore the price increases. And it is here that the cost of accommodation and food is sometimes much higher than in other parts of the Crimea, so if you are looking forwhere it is not expensive to rest on the Black Seathen you can just visit Yalta for a day.


Sevastopol, is no less popular and famous resort of Crimea.Sevastopol is much more than Yalta, but despite the scale, there are not so many attractions, but they are still there. City beaches, from a large number of tourists can also be dirty. But the advantage is that it is here that there are small prices for food and housing.


Village South Coast. Despite the fact that the most famous resorts are always crowded, small villages start to acquire not less popularity. In fact, these are wonderful places that are best suited for family holidays. There are many beautiful beaches, cozy bars, hotels and restaurants. In addition, among the villages the most famous is Foros. It is famous for its church, a huge park. And that is where the newlyweds come to make a unique photo session.


And of course Abkhazia, a place where else in far Soviet times rested the most, the most. And after all exactly then the given resort was ideal. Now Abkhazia is gaining popularity. But nevertheless, those who seek to relax with family and children are sent here. After all, it is here that is clean and comfortable on the beach. We have not yet decided where it is better to rest on the Black Sea, then you can go to Turkey, because the price of the voucher can be 2 times cheaper than a holiday for this money in the Crimea, and there will be more comfort.And you can always find and buy tours to Turkey is not expensive, i.e.buy last minute tours and trips. The choice is yours!

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