When will include heating in St. Petersburg in 2015

The inclusion of boilers in 2015 in St. Petersburg is scheduled for September 30 - October 1. However, it is the weather that will show when the heating should be given in 2015. If the last days of September are cold, the timing of the heat supply will remain unchanged. In the case, if the "Indian summer" lasts a little longer, the number of switching on the heating network can be transferred until October 8-10.

The beginning of the heating season

The laws of the Russian Federation stipulate that heating systems must supply heating to apartment, medical, educational and administrative buildings, as the street temperature in St. Petersburg will fall and will not rise five days above 8 degrees Celsius.

Preparation of St. Petersburg for the winter season 2015-2016

Established work on the preparation and maintenance of heat networks are performed in a timely manner.

The meeting of the city administration considered the issue of when the heating would be turned on in St. Petersburg.For the time being, it is not necessary to worry about the fact that weather conditions will force the launch of boilers ahead of schedule - the air temperature consistently shows acceptable results. However, Valery Shiyan, the head of the Housing Committee, assured those present that, if necessary, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, maternity homes, nursing homes and other socially important institutions could be immediately provided with heat.

An open question about heating tariffs was also considered at the meeting. The period of lack of heat supply (summer, early autumn) was paid at a rate lower than the average annual. In general, the amount has risen by almost 2 thousand rubles compared to 2014. When heating is given in St. Petersburg, it will be possible to save by installing common meters in the houses. This will reduce the amount in the accounts on average by 1.2 thousand rubles per St. Petersburg resident.

Repair work of heating systems

What determines the timing of the inclusion of heating?

A number of circumstances affect the date of heat connection in St. Petersburg, and the main ones are:

  • allocation by the administration of funds for the inclusion of heating systems;
  • timely preparation of all components of the heating system;
  • on-time repair and maintenance work.

In 2015, the city administration provided St. Petersburg with everything necessary in full for repairing and maintaining heating networks.

At the moment, all social institutions are ready for the launch of heating systems. Repair and maintenance work is carried out in a timely manner.

Working boiler room

Where in St. Petersburg will give heat in the first place?

Like all previous seasons, in 2015, at first they will give warmth in socially significant institutions:

  • Social and cultural facilities: schools, hospitals, kindergartens, maternity homes and other similar institutions;
  • State authorities;
  • Other educational institutions.

As soon as they are provided with heat, the season will start in residential buildings. Only after that the heating networks will begin their work in industrial buildings.

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