When to send a child to school

It may seem to an adult that there is no big difference between a six- and seven-year-old baby. But it is not. A little man in a year manages to learn a lot of new information, get the necessary skills. If you are considering whether to send a child to school at the age of six, you must be sure that he will cope with the program.
Pay attention to how your child is diligent. Sociability, curiosity, and the pursuit of knowledge are excellent qualities; however, at school your child will be required to sit still for 40-45 minutes and listen to the teacher. The older the child, the easier it will be to concentrate on the speech of the teacher. Many six-year-olds are simply not able to withstand so much time without movement, but already in seven years they are much better able to cope with such loads.
Your child should have good immunity (this means that he should get sick no more than five or six times a year) and the absence of chronic diseases. Indeed, often the missing child will not have time to study all the material, which will be an additional reason for experiences.If you have a weak and painful, albeit inquisitive child, better wait another year.
The child must be socially adapted. He needs to understand what a school is, to be able to communicate with peers, to make contacts easily. A closed and unsociable child should not be given early to first grade. Also, the baby should be able to navigate in the surrounding world - know your name and surname, place of residence, the names and occupation of the parents.
A child who is going to the first grade must have at least minimal skills in reading, writing and arithmetic. The better he writes and reads, the easier it will be to learn. If your child has problems with this, wait a little with the start of training, and in the rest of the year go to school.
Many parents want their child to study in a gymnasium or lyceum, even if this educational institution is located in the other side of the city. A small child is contraindicated. A six-year-old needs to get to school no more than twenty minutes, otherwise he will get tired before the start of classes. Seven-year plan will be able to withstand half an hour journey.
When deciding how many years to send a child to school, remember that a later start of education does not prevent the child from achieving success in mastering the school program.

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