General requirements for borrowers

Banks receive profits from loans. But such an activity is in many ways risky for a financial institution, so potential customers must meet certain requirements. As a rule, these include:

  • Russian citizenship;

  • age limit (most often from 21 years old and up to 65 years old inclusive);

  • availability of registration at the place of residence or in the region of presence of the bank branch;

  • Confirmed income on the certificate 2-NDFL or on the certificate of the bank for the last 3-6 months;

  • family composition (children under 18, dependents);

  • the ownership of the property is movable or immovable.

Requirements for borrowers from each bank can be supplemented. These are general rules.

What you need to know before taking a loan

Match your abilities

If the loan is vital, then it is worth calculating your expenses taking into account the future loan. The size of the monthly payment on the loan should not be higher than 50% of the amount of income of the borrower. This calculation is the bank.If you give half the salary to a financial institution, then the client and his family members will be deprived in many respects of a whole range of products and entertainment. In this case, it is advisable to increase the loan term. And the optimal monthly payment will be 25% of the salary. Each bank has a loan calculator on its website that can be used. To find out the amount of the future loan or the size of the monthly payment, you must enter data on the loan term, currency, type of payment (in the case of a credit card, cashless settlement or cash), interest rate. The calculator will show the estimated amount. The exact calculation will determine the bank itself, based on information about the client.

Do not make loans to third parties

Often the following situation is common in life: a person draws up a loan for himself, but not for himself, but for a friend, a distant relative. As a result, the obligations of the loan "friend" is not responsible, and the entire responsibility for the payment of the debt lies entirely on the borrower. Therefore, you should not take out loans from third parties.

What you need to know before using a credit card

If you chose a credit card,the following should be remembered:

  1. Availability of a sufficient number of ATMs of the issuing bank or ATMs of partner banks. If there are no such ATMs, then cash will have to be withdrawn from the card with a large withdrawal fee.
  2. The presence of SMS alerts on the card (paid or free) of all actions on the card. Thus, you do not miss the information about the payment of the minimum payment and will be aware of the actions of fraudsters.
  3. Information in the agreement on the full cost of the loan and its annual interest rate.
  4. The size of the annual card service, fees for account management and cash withdrawals, penalties for skipping the minimum payment.
  5. Availability and size of cashback on the card and discounts, bonuses for using a credit card.
  6. The amount of the minimum payment and the timing of its payment.
  7. Credit card payment methods. How many days is this payment necessary for the payment not to be considered overdue.
  8. Availability of early repayment of the loan.

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