What you need to eat to get married soon

Every man has his own ideas about what his ideal wife should be. However, all potential suitors are unanimous: the ideal bride must be beautiful, healthy (at least in appearance) and have a calm, easy disposition. We will not, sensible people, deny that a woman’s diet directly affects the beauty, health and even character of a woman. No wonder they say: we are what we eat. Let's try to analyze: how should a girl eat in order to look like a woman to whom you can and should marry?

Breakfast porridge

Relatives and biographers of the star of the Soviet cinema Lyubov Orlova assure: the actress has kept a very strict diet all her life. Orlova, a disciplined one, understood: it is impossible to dissolve when the whole country, led by a leader, looks at you, you cannot let a director’s husband down and lose the status of his muse and inspirer.

The diet, dubbed “Lyubov Orlova's Diet,” is nothing more than PP (proper nutrition) in the Soviet way — vegetables, cereals, boiled meat and fish, at least a meal. It is known that the actress began her day with porridge - buckwheat, oatmeal, millet, pearl barley.Cooked them both in milk and in water. Taking the example of Orlova is harmless to those who dream of a happy marriage: she is known by the whole world because she once fell in love with “that” person and married him. And Orlova without porridge in the morning - it would not be Orlova. All who knew her testified: it was a woman with an iron will!

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Modern dietitians approve of Lyubov Orlova’s breakfast, but with the proviso: cereal made from whole-grain oats (not cereal) is considered the most beneficial for female beauty.

The girl, having breakfast with the right oatmeal, literally glows from the inside. This dish supplies us with essential proteins, easily digestible carbohydrates, potassium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, sulfur, calcium, and a whole list of the most valuable substances. Oatmeal reduces cholesterol, improves the digestive process. In addition, whole oats contain natural bran, and this is the best “brush” for the body. Such porridge will provide the bride with fresh, radiant skin.

God's gift - scrambled eggs

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Let's look at the plate of another lucky bride, who recently became a world famous wife.

The newly minted Duchess of Sussex, who was previously called simply Megan Markle, when she was an actress, liked to have an omelette with vegetables and greens for breakfast, and take a toast to him. The result we know.

Day after day, the girl provided herself with vitamin E, useful for skin and hair, vitamin D for strong teeth and bones, lutein and lecithin, these life-giving life-giving substances. Yes, Prince Harry was just not to get out! All kind of Megan Markle said that she was worthy to give birth to the royal offspring.

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Spaghetti for duchess

We continue the theme of the British royal family. What secrets did Instagram reveal to Megan Markle? We learned that she loves pasta very much. Pasta, to put it simply. But the girl was seasoning this carbohydrate product with vegetable-based sauces, such as zucchini stewed zucchini sauce. Nutritionists believe that Megan in this case is a great fellow, because he knows how to properly combine products. No meat with pasta! Only vegetables.

At the same time, beautiful Megan once admitted that she sometimes allows herself fries. Of course, the ideal bride at times allows herself little pleasures, she is not a bore! Who needs a diet food fan, a crispy green salad around the clock, even if she has a thin waist? A rare man wants to live with a mannequin.

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One hundred clothes and all without fasteners

In an interview, a stunning Hollywood actress Meryl Streep said that a person needs only three things to be happy: love, sex and good food. At the same time, we know about Meryl Streep that she is not only a movie star, but also a happy wife for 40 years now. Her alliance with architect Don Gammer is one of the rare Hollywood miracles: neither betrayal nor gossip.

And we also know that Meryl Streep is a vegetarian. Modern nutritionists do not consider a purely vegetable diet an ideal food, but for us it is a reason to market such a wonderful product as cabbage for brides.

Nutritionists say: a woman really needs to eat cabbage! And the matter is not at all that, according to popular belief, the chest grows from this vegetable

Cabbage of all kinds — white, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, kohlrabi — contains indole-3-carbinol, which is very important for our beauty. First (and most importantly), it is effective for the prevention of breast cancer. And secondly, it makes us rosy, elastic and fresh.

Particular attention should be paid to the age-old Russian dish - sauerkraut! European and American nutritionists generally recommend putting more pressure on pickled vegetables - this is the best way to “colonize” your intestines with beneficial bacteria.

cabbage - calorie, healthy properties
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Sow a habit - reap a character

Turn to the classics. In Kuprin’s story “The Brave Runaways,” we notice such a remark in the description of an old maid, an irritable classy lady in an orphanage: “She was evil and picky. Probably, she had a bad stomach or a letter of demand did not work for a long time. ”

Direct dependence of mood and digestion on each other has been noticed by people for a long time. An enviable bride cares about the health of her digestive tract. She tries to combine the right products to prevent the occurrence of fermentation or rotting processes in the digestive system. For example, she tries to combine meat and fish with non-starchy vegetables, but not with dough or potatoes. For the same reason, she does not abuse combinations of fats and carbohydrates, so as not to spoil her metabolism, body shape, skin and character.

By the way, another life hacking from the world of princesses: a royal family chef told that when Kate Middleton wants to have a sweet, she mixes berry puree with almond milk.
food for women
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Best friends girls

Products that are beneficial to women's health have long been known, but we will repeat this “lesson” again.

For the strength of bones, teeth and nails, use foods rich in calcium - kefir, cottage cheese;

Remove essential iron for health from legumes, soy cheese, tofu, boiled meat;

Extract natural vitamin C antioxidant from tomatoes, parsley, citrus fruits, berries, cabbage and spinach;

Leafy green vegetables remove toxins and slags from the body, clean the liver and help to lose weight;

Drink plenty of pure water - this is not food, but without it there will be no beauty;

Nuts are not only tasty. It is a storehouse of phosphorus, zinc, copper, calcium, selenium, vitamins, A and E.

Sea fish will bring you a lot of joy and health, and let your appetite affect the consciousness that it contains zinc, iron, magnesium and omega-3 fatty acids, which help a woman to be forever young and radiant.

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