What war is on the territory of the Elansky field

Cause of war

The conflict over the Elansky field arose between investors and local residents. Investors are planning to develop nickel deposits, which will soon be highly rated on world markets. Residents, in turn, are protesting against the developments, as they will turn the flourishing land into an industrial zone. In this case, special compensation from the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company to residents is not expected. To date, exploration work has been suspended due to the lack of documents required by representatives of the Cossacks.
At the time of the termination of exploration work on the Elanskoye field, there are police detachments guarding the disputed territory from both sides.
The war between environmental activists and the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company has lasted for more than a year.The conflict broke out after the Mednogorsk Copper and Sulfur Combine (UMMC) won the tender for a supplementary exploration and development project. Immediately after that, residents of Voronezh and other neighboring regions began to gather huge rallies, protesting against the development of deposits of nickel, copper, gold, silver, platinum and cobalt. Some even went on a hunger strike, wrote to Putin and demanded a referendum.

Nickel and ecology

Environmentalists claim that the project for the development of the Elansky field, accessible to the general public, does not exist. The population was only informed that ore mining mines and an enrichment plant would be built on their land, which could adversely affect the environment. Nickel itself is a heavy toxic metal, so the activities of enterprises for its extraction and enrichment will lead to a large amount of harmful emissions into the water and atmosphere.
Thus, enterprises operating in the Murmansk and Norilsk Regions already significantly pollute the atmosphere with sulfur compounds.
In the case of large amounts of nickel being brought to the surface of the earth and its accumulation in dumps, particles of metal salts can be carried by airborne droplets.In order to avoid the destruction of the local ecology, residents constantly control the Elansky deposit and are not going to retreat in the face of a local ecological disaster that may occur as a result of the development of a nickel site.

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