What is wearing a fashionable coat-robe?

Coat-dressing-gown is a trend of the last seasons, which women of the fair sex, who are following the fashion trends, have already appreciated. And if you still do not have such a stylish thing, be sure to purchase it, having learned the features of choice and the most successful combinations.

What is this thing and why should you buy it?

Coat-robe - a real must have of any modern girl or woman. The double name fully reflects the essence of the thing, which has a simple straight cut with a smell and, as a rule, a belt fixing the sides. This piece of outerwear appeared relatively recently, but already managed to visit the catwalks of the best fashion houses and win the hearts of ordinary people in the street. And this is not surprising, because the benefits of mass.

The first advantage is versatility. Answering the question about who would suit a stylish coat-robe, we can safely say: absolutely everyone! Having picked up a suitable model, a tall girl, owner of small stature, slender beauty, and a lady with appetizing forms will be fashionable and attractive to look at.Age is also not a hindrance: in an ultrafashionable coat-robe, both young girls and women of balsac age will look equally gorgeous.

The second advantage is relevance always and everywhere. The thing will organically fit into almost any style: free casual, business office, romantic glamor, authentic vintage or retro, original hippie and nontrivial boho. And also a coat-robe can be safely put on for study, a walk, shopping, a party, a date or a formal event.

The third advantage is the perfect combination of comfort and attractiveness. In such a thing, it's warm and comfortable: it does not hamper the movement, quickly puts on and is also easily removed, it heats and protects perfectly from the wind. And a free cut and advantageously emphasizing the waist belt make the figure more feminine and refined.

Subtleties of choice

How to choose a fashionable coat? Here's what to look for when buying:

  1. Length. Only tall, slim girls can afford a long coat-robe: at low, it will look ridiculous, and mouth-watering shapes can make it even bigger. The length of the midi just above the knees is universal and fits almost everything.A short coat can cover the buttocks or cover only the lower back, but this option is not very practical, especially in cold weather.
  2. Color spectrum. Classic, elegant, discreet and never out of fashion colors - black, gray, sand, chocolate and beige. But in the trend of brightness, so you can and should afford ultrafashionable tones, such as fuchsia, bright blue, mint, burgundy, red, coral, terracotta, mustard, burgundy, “soured raspberry”.
  3. Prints. If you like bright and original things, choose a model with a pattern, for example, floral or floral, geometric, abstract. Inscriptions are relevant. But with animalistic prints it is worth being careful: firstly, they can look aggressive, colorful or vulgar, secondly, such motifs go out of fashion and are not for everyone.
  4. The material should be quite dense, but not very hard. Drap is suitable for late fall or even winter, and soft cashmere is appropriate in early autumn and from mid-spring. Textile models can be worn in the warm off-season, and materials can be additionally quilted or insulated.
  5. Details.The volume hood can become an accent element of the coat-robe, which, by the way, will not only play the role of decor, but will also carry a functional load, replacing the headgear in cool weather, as well as hiding the face from inquisitive views, if necessary. Looks stylish and turn-down collar, but in some models, this part is missing. Pay attention to the belt: a thin and contrast will emphasize a thin waist, and a wide and dark hide the volume.
  6. Decor. Appliqués, embroidery, fur trimming, lace inserts, leather and other materials, sequins, rhinestones or stones can be used. But do not overdo it with decorations, so as not to look ridiculous.

Fashion combinations

How and what is fashionable to wear a stylish coat-robe? There are just a huge number of options, and you will definitely choose something suitable.

So, the best "companions" of the coat:

  • Under such outerwear, you can wear almost any dress: tight-fitting knitted noodles, voluminous sweaters, flowing chiffons, elegant sheaths or romantic models with flared hem in the style of new look.
  • Stylish tandem with a trendy coat-bathrobe will create jeans.And you can choose any model, depending on the image and style: classic straight, skinny “skinny” and even youth “boyfriends”. You can add a turtleneck, sweatshirt, jumper or long sleeve.
  • A short coat will look especially luxurious and elegant with a knee-length pencil skirt or a long flared cut model. With this thing you can wear a turtleneck, blouse, shirt or even top.
  • You can wear a suit, and the choice is not limited. It can be a strict consisting of classic trousers and a jacket two, a set of narrowed trousers (a pencil skirt) and blouses with a basque or even a trendy pajamas suit.
  • Feel free to wear tight-fitting cropped trousers, complementing them with pullovers, shirts, blouses.
  • Flared trousers or culottes will organically look with a cropped coat.
  • Try to wear leggings and a tunic or an elongated sweater.

We select the right shoes

The versatility of the coat-dressing gown extends to the choice of shoes, so you can afford to experiment and choose your favorite options. Pumps, elegant ankle boots with heels, cute neat ballet flats are perfect for creating romantic images.

A self-confident woman can put on shoes with a stable heel or platform, sexy boots or boots with wide tops. And you can safely choose men's shoes, for example, rough loafers or oxfords.

A free cut coat with a hood can become part of a sporty look that matches the appropriate shoes: slip-on sneakers, sneakers, and sneakers. And such combinations will not look ridiculous.

We complement the image of accessories

Complement the coat with gloves, neckerchiefs and light scarves, knitted or knitted narrow scarves, and stoles. Gloves will warm your hands and complete the image. Do not be afraid to experiment with different straps and belts.

Almost any bags fit the coat-gown: elegant clutches, strict envelopes, voluminous shoppers, original hard box-bags and other classic and fashionable models.

Tip! Do not forget about the jewelry: from the open coat can be seen beads, a choker or a necklace, and a bracelet will complement the model with short sleeves ¾.

Enrich your wardrobe with a trendy and comfortable bathrobe coat.And to look beautiful and stylish in it, observe the rules of choice and combination with other objects of clothing.

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