What to see on holiday in Malaga?

Malaga is an extraordinarily lively and enchanting town that is well located on the southern coast of Spain and now attracts a large number of tourists every year.

And it is absolutely not surprising, because this place boasts a mild climate, very beautiful and colorful landscapes, as well as a rich history, which is most clearly reflected in the narrow streets of the ancient part of the city.

Here you can find a large number of large shopping centers, and, therefore, shopping is another entertainment for the demanding tourist who does not want to be limited to excursions only.

We must not forget that in addition to historical knowledge and good shopping, in Malaga you can plunge into quite comfortable embraces of beach holidays, nightlife, restaurants and clubs that are nestled along the entire coast.

Perhaps, for a holiday with children, Malaga is not the best solution, because somewhere near the city there are cold currents, because the water temperature even on the hottest days can be quite invigorating.

But, anyway, if you decide to go to rest in Malaga, you will not regret, because this is a really interesting and very pleasant Spanish city, which, by the way, is the historical homeland of the artist Picasso and the popular artist Banderas, after whom some streets and restaurants are named.

What do you know about Malaga?

It is believed that Malaga was founded by the Phoenicians around 1100 BC. Since then, the settlement incessantly developed and expanded, periodically falling under the rule of the Romans, Arabs and even Carthaginians. Today, about half a million people live here and it is one of the largest ports in Spain, its industrial center, as well as a resort corner of the country.

The city is surrounded by a large number of attractive beaches, which are dotted with first-class hotels and restaurants, which in the local language are called “chiringuitos”, that is, “beach cafes”. Here you can always enjoy fresh fish and seafood, try delicious paella and drink sangria. In general, on holiday in Malaga, you just do not get bored!

Most tourists come here exclusively for sightseeing or “transfer” purposes, however, it’s still worth spending a couple of days at sea.

The nearest beach, which is located not far from the city center, is La Malagueta, it is often crowded here, you can meet locals, who often relax on the beach with their families. If you like quieter and picturesque corners of nature, then it is better to go to the east side of the city, where there are other nice and very cozy beaches.

Major attractions and entertainment

As we have said, many go to this small Spanish town for the sake of its historical part, which is famous for its own color and unique features of different eras.

Here you will not find pompous palaces and gloomy Gothic temples, as in the rest of Europe, because historically in Malaga ancient buildings were demolished so that new and improved buildings could be built in their place.

Nevertheless, many monuments of history and culture are still preserved: for example, the sign of the ruins of the theater, which date back to the times of the domination of ancient Rome. They are located not far from the famous Alcazaba Palace, which was erected by the Arabs around the XI century on the site of the former Roman bastion.

Perhaps the most famous and most visited place in all of Malaga is the impressive Cathedral (La Catedral de la Encarnación), which, first of all, is unique in its mixture of its own styles that existed in Europe at different times. Its construction took more than two centuries, but the result was great.

In addition to historic streets and a variety of antique shops, in Malaga you can go to two interesting museums dedicated to the famous Picasso: one of them is newer and was opened in 2002, the other is an old complex in which a very decent collection of works by a talented artist is presented. Also worth a look at the Museum of Modern Art, the City Museum and the Interactive Music Museum.

Car lovers will be interested to visit the new Automobile Museum, which presents to the visitors the collection of old and extremely luxurious cars of different brands.

Restaurants and cafes

Well, what a holiday without a delicious local meal? Be sure to go to restaurants on the coast, where all this is presented in the best possible way. Especially popular is the cafe El Tintero, which is located closer to the eastern part of the beach.

There is no menu here, the waiters just say that the chefs have prepared interesting things today.The most typical and traditional dish in Malaga is, of course, espetos - a kind of “kebabs”. It's simple: on a bamboo stick string sardines, fried on fire.

All the fish in these restaurants are very fresh, they are caught every morning for the delight of many tourists. Do not forget to taste the famous local wine - you can buy it in almost every bar in the city.

Rest in this small Spanish town will give you an unforgettable experience and only a positive charge of emotions that you will be happy to share with your friends and family after a pleasant journey.

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