What to give the boy for 7 years?

Seven years of age, this is a kind of face, when your child is no longer small, but also not an adult. He is still interested in toys and simple childish pranks, but he is already looking at complicated things and trying to help dad repair the car. Against this background, the choice of a gift for him seems very difficult. We will try to simplify your task.

In any case, it is worthwhile to start from his interests, because you want to arrange a real holiday, so be prepared to give what he wanted. If there is no concrete desire, take responsibility for yourself and think what he would like the most.

Toys as a gift

This is quite a controversial point, because the toys in his life are gradually beginning to fade into the background. True, in modern stores there are very exciting things, from which you can not tear even an adult. For example, boys at this age are interested in collecting something, designing it themselves.So you can always buy a car transformer or designer Lego, from which you can build anything. If he is interested in a certain sport, suppose football, you can donate table football. Believe me, delight will not be the limit. A good option will be educational toys.

Educational games

By the way, if your child began to think about his future profession, you can give him a game that involves development in a particular direction. For example, there are games "Fireman", "Police officer", "Young chemist", etc. For general development, you can purchase sets for creativity, puzzles, mosaics.

Seven-year-old boys with delight play games aimed at developing intelligence. By the way, this is an excellent option for family fun, as even adults will be very interested.

If the child is interested in finances, present him the game “Monopoly” known to millions, perhaps a great businessman will grow up in your family.

Such adult gifts

A distinctive feature of seven-year-old boys - they are sure that they are already adults. Despite the fact that for parents they will forever remain children, it is not worth constantly reminding about this.On the contrary, with your gift you can demonstrate that you really treat him as an adult, but hint that this attitude always implies some kind of responsibility. "Adult" gifts bring up her best.

Among them: a mobile phone, laptop or just money. By the way, donating money, think up a clear greeting, so that the child will understand that you are not going to impose a specific purchase on him, but are confident in his adult attitude to money. So you can not only give him the opportunity to dispose of them, but for one check, as far as he really is an adult.

Gifts by interests

In general, all gifts should be chosen, based on the interests of the child, but then we will talk more about hobbies. For example, if a child is seriously involved in football, you can give him a ball of excellent quality, which he had long dreamed of. Here you can also include elements of sportswear, fascinating books.

If a boy likes to travel, and you often go out with him to nature, give him a sleeping bag, a tent, binoculars, a hiking backpack or a fishing rod. On the one hand, you may find this useless, because in the family, so,there are all these things, but the realization that he now has his own personal tent or something else will bring him great pleasure.

Of course, this category also includes a sports bike, rollers, skateboard, snowboard and everything else that a seven-year-old boy can get involved in.

We hope this list has led you to certain thoughts. The main thing remember that a gift should bring pleasure. Birthday, quite an unsuitable day for the educational process, so give your child what he dreamed. His desires lie on the surface, just take a closer look.

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