What to give a child for the New Year 2019

New Year's holidays are rapidly approaching. Many parents are beginning to be concerned about the question of what can be given to a child for the New 2019 year. On this account, I have certain ideas, which I will certainly share in the article.

In anticipation of New Year's Eve, all the children are eager to meet the most beloved fairy-tale character - Grandfather Frost. He always makes children happy, happy with gifts and brings a lot of fun into the house.

Children who have learned to write, set out their own wishes on a piece of paper and send a letter to Santa Claus. Caring parents, having familiarized themselves with the letter, try to please and surprise the child by any means.

Parents want to choose for the child a useful and developing New Year's gift. It is not always possible to achieve such a result, and the gift that the child doesn’t like is lying idle. To avoid this, listen to the advice.

  • Traditional gifts. If you do not want to puzzle, buy a plane, a radio-controlled car, a doll or a set of children's dishes.
  • Brand goods. This category of gifts is the most common. Children, along with their parents, view ads and often get into its networks. It is not surprising that many parents stopped counting the acquisition of the Lego designer, Barbie dolls or Hot Wheels cars as waste.
  • Hobby gifts. Any person has a certain hobby, the kids are no exception. If a child is interested in studying ufology, collecting butterflies or something else, it is easy to make a good gift.
  • Board games. This version of the New Year's gift deserves attention. However, please note that in any board game will have to play along with the child. If this does not scare you, calmly buy lotto or table hockey.
  • Designer or smart game. Such gifts are chosen by parents who seek to instill in the child an interest in a particular area of ​​knowledge. Indeed, an electronic designer or telescope is ideal for this purpose. I don’t recommend giving them to very young children.
  • Electronics. Parents actively use advanced achievements in the field of communication technologies and buy tablets, smartphones and netbooks for New Year’s children.I will not argue whether to do so. I note, if you decided to take such a step, teach the child to use the device correctly.

Ideas for Christmas gifts for children are common. What is suitable for a girl, does not like the boy and vice versa. During further conversation, I will break the 2019 New Year presents into categories depending on the gender and age of the children.

From myself I will add that it is better for children to give not one big and expensive, but several small gifts. Only in this case, the New Year's Eve will remain in the memory of the child for life.

What to give the child a girl for the New Year

Beautiful New Year's snowman

So that the holiday does not disappoint the daughter, parents need to guess her dream. This will help reading the letter to Santa Claus or a neat conversation with his daughter. On New Year's holidays I do not advise you to give shoes, clothes or sweets to children. Nowadays, children are not limited to this. To make the gift really surprised and bring a lot of joy, consider the age of the recipient.

  1. 1-4 years. Very little girls are unable to fully form desires. They will be pleased with any toy. I recommend choosing educational toys or bright books with voluminous illustrations. A good gift is considered a pet.Having received a puppy or kitten as a gift, the girl will feel like an adult and responsible person.
  2. 5-7 years. To greatly please the daughter and make her happy, give a bicycle, a stroller or a bed for dolls. You can make a real delight with the help of an interactive animal who knows how to make sounds, go to the toilet and eat. Plus, girls of this age can be given a set of doctor or hairdresser, a multifunctional kitchen or dollware.
  3. 8-10 years. Young schoolgirls continue to play with dolls. Instead of a soft, not afraid of hitting the baby, buy a china beauty. The list of gifts suitable for this age includes wooden furniture for a toy house, a children's sewing machine, a puppet theater or a mosaic. If the daughter is a creative person, please her with ceramic figures for coloring or a set for modeling.
  4. 11-13 years old. By this age girls are awakening creative interest. Under the tree, put a set to create jewelry, bags, sand paintings or painting boxes. At this age, girls begin to care for themselves, so on New Year's Eve congratulate your daughter with an original umbrella, fashionable handbag or children's cosmetics. Let her feel like a true beauty and fashionista.
  5. 14-16 years old. Good headphones, branded player, computer speakers or a laptop table. Among the gifts for girls of this age category there is a hair dryer, perfumes, lipstick, all kinds of jewelry, watches and fashion accessories. If you want a gift to be useful, stop the choice on pajamas, a warm sweater or beautiful tights.

In this part of the article, I reviewed the New Year's gifts, which are best given to girls of different ages. However, this does not mean that you should unswervingly listen to these recommendations. This is just a collection of ideas. If you have a good imagination, it will help you decide on the choice and purchase the perfect gift. After all, only parents know the tastes and preferences of daughters.

Ideas of original gifts for the daughter for the New Year

Sets of brushes and paints

It seemed that parents know the daughter well, they know her dreams and hobbies, but during the choice of a gift they often come to a standstill. This is due to a large selection and numerous ideas, because you want so much that the gift was really worth it. In this case, ideas of original gifts will come to the rescue.

  • Perfume Creation Kit. This New Year's gift is sure to please the young lady. Thanks to the set, the daughter will become a real perfumer and, having mixed various fragrances, will make excellent perfumes. Plus, the kit contains a history of creating perfumes and step-by-step instructions.
  • A pet. Usually parents give children a puppy or kitten for the New Year. It’s hard to say why they don’t choose other animals or birds. It seems to me that the girl will be delighted by a parrot, a hamster, or an aquarium with fish.
  • Name spoon. This is not to say that this is a new idea, but it still remains relevant. Spoon made of precious metals made to give the child after the appearance of the first tooth, but this gift is relevant for the New Year holidays. On the one hand, you can engrave the name, and on the other - warm words.
  • Disco ball. Many girls, contrary to their young age, are very active personalities. If you have to bring up a small "battery", please with its disco ball. When the daughter gets together with her friends, they will have a fun disco.
  • Drawing on water. Such a gift should appeal to a young artist, characterized by refined taste.Invite the master home to introduce his daughter to this art. As a result, she will learn to draw pictures of amazing beauty on the water.

It seems to me that these ideas are truly original and will help give the child a spectacular gift. To make the daughter nice and cause her a lot of emotions, just activate your brain activity and fantasize a little. At such moments, the most unusual ideas appear in my head.

What to give the child a boy for the New Year

Lego typewriter

It is difficult to find a child who is indifferent to the New Year. For children, New Year's holidays are necessarily associated with long-awaited surprises and gifts, which can be found under the Christmas tree. Kids are sure that Santa Claus brings presents, and teenagers are well aware that these are tricks of loving parents.

Every child is looking forward to receiving a gift, which he dreamed throughout the year.

  1. 1-4 years. Boys at the initial stage of life actively learn the world. They are happy to disassemble toys and pay special attention to the study of parts and screws. As a New Year's gift to your son or grandson, present a designer, consisting of massive elements, a set of soft cubes with tsiferkami and letters, an interesting book, coloring or a soft toy.
  2. 5-7 years. From the age of five, babies try themselves in the role of an adult. Naturally, they are having fun with the use of appropriate toys. A six-year-old boy will be pleased to find a railway, a racing car or toy weapons under the Christmas tree. If the child tries to help the father in everything, buy toy tools, including a drill and a grinding machine. Please preschooler with binoculars, telescope, harmonica or telescope.
  3. 8-10 years. The boy who goes to school, give more serious gifts. These include a radio-controlled helicopter, a set for embossing or a designer that allows you to assemble a car, a robot or a high chair. A child of this age will be delighted and stylish electronic watches in a fashionable case. If the kid is interested in music, put a training guitar or castanets under the Christmas tree.
  4. 11-13 years old. The list of Christmas gifts targeted at boys of this age is represented by sophisticated designers, radio-controlled models of machines, interactive toys and programmable robots. The young biologist will appreciate the small microscope, and the future chemist will be given a lot of joy by the set for conducting experiments.
  5. 14-16 years old. Teenage category of children is the most demanding, it must be taken into account.For a teenager boy, give a digital camera, a stylish smartphone, a game console or a quality printer. At this age, boys are addicted to computer games, so buy your son a computer mouse or a good joystick.

Now you know that you can choose a son as a gift depending on age. Perhaps the son has a certain hobby. A favorite occupation will help you acquire a thing that not only brings joy, but also benefits, which is important for further development.

Ideas of original gifts for the son for the New Year

Apple Computer Mouse

When the conversation is about the New Year holidays, the original gift can be a pleasant surprise for the heir.

Practice shows that it is extremely problematic to choose and get a really good New Year's present, especially if you choose from inexpensive things. Solving a problem requires creativity, patience and a great desire to surprise. Ideas of original gifts will be useful to you.

  • Computer mouse in the form of a car. Children learn computer technology from an early age, especially boys. The son will be pleased if he finds a strong computer mouse under the tree.
  • Original bed linen. If you have purchased the main gift and wish to add something to it, stop the choice on bedding with a picture of a football field, open space or a favorite movie of the hero. Children like to bask in bed, and such a gift will make their pastime more comfortable.
  • Luminous shoelace. Such laces at the height of fashion. I am fully confident that the young mod will appreciate such an original gift. In combination with fashionable shoes, it will look great. However, you can look into the store jokes and choose something else.
  • Gift Certificate. Surely my son wants to try his hand at a new and interesting occupation. Why not get a gift certificate for karting or jumping on the trampoline? Even a movie ticket to the premiere of a new movie will do.
  • Music Center. This is a compact product, made in the form of a car. Contrary to the small size, the device reproduces high-quality sound. It is completed with a player, a radio receiver and headlights that flashing accompany the music being played.

It seems to me that the material on the selection of Christmas gifts for girls and boys turned out to be very informative and interesting.

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In conclusion, I add that it is necessary for a child to choose a gift, not himself. Taking into account the age, psychological qualities and individual characteristics of the baby, you can never go wrong, and the New Year's gift will bring the child a lot of joy and a whole set of emotions.

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