What to do to prevent flu

Inoculate. This is the best way to protect against a virus. It is better to vaccinate before the onset of the epidemic, optimally in September or October. Make sure that you are completely healthy, and at least two weeks have passed since the last cold or any other disease.
Use antiviral drugs. The use of "rimantadine", "Influcid" or "Arbidol" should be started only during an epidemic — at prophylactic doses they stimulate defenses, and in the initial stages of the disease can stop the disease.
Protect the nasal mucosa. Lubricate the nostrils from the inside with special ointments (oxolinic, Viferonova, etc.), and if they were not at hand, then the usual soap or sterile vaseline oil will do.
Rinse nose and gargle. When you come home, do not forget to wash your hands and clean the mucous membranes - irrigate your nose and throat with a saline solution.Such physical methods will help to remove pathogens and prevent their spread.
Add fresh garlic to the dishes, place the plates in the room with sliced ​​onions and garlic. Garlic juice can be added to water (a couple of drops per half glass of water) and drink in the morning as a prophylactic.
Take vitamin C. You can enrich your diet with foods that contain ascorbic acid (bell pepper, citrus fruits, black currants, etc.) or take vitamin C tablets daily (ascorbic acid in pills).
Wear a gauze bandage. This precautionary measure is effective in areas of large concentrations of people (public transport, shops, clinics). The mask should be changed every two hours.
Avoid contact with more people. During an epidemic, it is better to wait out the dangerous period at home - do not attend cultural events, postpone a visit to the clinic, try to be in the crowd as little as possible.
To ensure air circulation, periodically open windows and doors, ventilate the room. Wet cleaning should be done as often as possible - wipe the dust, wash the floors using disinfectants.

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