What to do if there are spiders in the house?

Spiders are small arthropods that are used to coexist with a person, whether we like it or not. They appear not only on the street with the first heat, but also almost all year round they live in our houses and apartments, which, of course, creates an unpleasant atmosphere of hanging web.

If you think about what is more, good or harm from these arthropods, then you will not be able to answer this question unequivocally.

They may not look too nice, but on the other hand, they eat hundreds of different insects every day that bring much more harm to humans than spiders. For example, a fairly large tiger spider can catch about 500 insects into its web in just one day, most of which are flies.

And the dangers of these buzzing are not even worth talking about. In fact, more often than not, we strive to get rid of these creatures more because of internal fear, which, by the way, is almost not justified: among the spiders existing in our lands, poisonous 2 or 3 species, the rest are completely harmless and even useful. little animals.

But still, if the congestion of the web in the corners has already simply overcome you, you need to figure out how to get rid of spiders in the house. Let them live in nature, but in their own house, after all, they don’t really want to observe excess living creatures.

First, you need to understand the reason for their appearance in your home: most often, at home, "settles" two types of spiders - home and haymaking. First of all, they weave a web, with the help of which they get their food, and only then they start to grow and even lay eggs.

It should be noted that these are still street creatures, they will settle at home only when there is something to eat in them. And so, before you try to get rid of them, first deal with the rest of the "living creatures", which, probably, settled in your house.

Effective ways to fight

  • First, turn off all possible ways for arthropods to access your dwelling: to do this, you should have nets on all windows, all the gaps, preferably, should be carefully repaired, and also ensure that the doors are closed as tightly as possible. It is also advisable to plug openings from communications, and also to check the serviceability of the ventilation grilles.Remember that these creatures can squeeze even into the narrowest gap.
  • Spend global home cleaning, pay special attention to various nooks, for example, back surfaces of cabinets, sofas, beds - this is where spiders love to make their own “dwellings”. In the same place, perhaps, you will find egg-laying, they are light cocoons wrapped in cobwebs: they must be collected and thrown out of the house, it is better to burn them.
  • With the help of a mop, with a damp gauze wound on it, gather around the corners and ceilings all the webs that we managed to weave; Next, the gauze must be removed and destroyed.
  • With the help of a vacuum cleaner, walk around all the far corners, pay attention to the baseboards - spiders love every nook and corner.
  • In the hardware stores you can see special sticky traps - the tool is not very effective. But special ultrasonic repellers are an effective thing, you can still try special chemicals designed for these purposes.
  • What if all the above methods have been tried,and the spiders still do not disappear, but only appear in greater numbers? If you live in a private house or at the cottage, then you most likely have a basement where various unnecessary trash accumulates. It is likely that somewhere among all this diversity, they settled, constantly moving over to the living rooms of the house. In order to cope with the problem, you will have to carry out a general cleaning in the basement, throw away all the unnecessary trash and, of course, get rid of the egg-laying found. If possible, paint the walls and the ceiling with lime - this smell strongly repels arthropods, so you will put an end to this problem for a long time.
  • If you are not able to cope with the invasion of spider families, you may need to contact the appropriate services that treat the premises with the help of powerful chemicals. However, at the time of processing from the house still have to move out.
  • By the way, interesting is the sign about arthropods, which reminds people why it is impossible to kill spiders. According to one of the legends, these creatures attract happiness to themselves, it turns out that we deprive ourselves of it.To believe or not is a personal matter for everyone, however, it is not for nothing that they say that in each one “accept” or “legend” there is a grain of truth.

How to get rid of them by folk methods?

Of course, you can always use specialized chemicals that are specifically designed to kill various insects.

However, along with the effective effect, they tend to be deposited on various surfaces, for example, dishes or even food, which is not too good for human health. Why, before resorting to serious measures, not to try the good old folk methods?

It has long been proven that spiders are afraid of sharp odors, so vinegar is a very effective means to combat them. You can simply sprinkle it around the room, or place the saucers with water and a few drops of vinegar.

It has long been proven that spiders are very afraid of the smell of peppermint. You can arrange aroma lamps with such aroma around the apartment or decompose the leaf of the plant. Another good help is eucalyptus or tea tree oil.

It is also believed that chestnuts and hazelnuts can be effective.They need to be broken (or crushed) so that the smell of the fruit will manifest itself more strongly, and then decompose in places where spiders congregate.

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