What time of the day is best to run?

Running is very healthy. But if you train at the right time, then they will be even more effective.

What time to plan a run?

No one will give an exact and absolutely correct answer to this question. Everything will depend on the characteristics of your body, as well as on the goals pursued.

Morning Run: Pros and Cons

Many recommend running it in the morning. And this is due to several reasons:

  • It is useful for losing weight. During the run, the body first begins to burn glucose, and only then goes to the processing of fat deposits. And in the morning, the glucose level is the lowest, so fats will begin to be actively burned.
  • Morning jog will help to cheer up and increase vitality.
  • In the morning the air is clearer, so jogging will be beneficial to health.
  • In the early hours (around 7 am) there are not so many people on the streets, and for many this is also considered an advantage.


  • Running right after awakening is a stress for a person who does not have time to fully wake up.Such training can increase the pressure and temperature of the body, as well as provoke an increased heart rate.
  • Not everyone has enough time for a morning run, because many people need to wake up, get ready for work, dress children and perform many other duties.

Running by day

If you want to find out when it is better to run, then you will be interested to know that one of the peaks of the activity of the human body falls on the interval from 11 to 12 hours. That is, the daily run will be correct from a physiological point of view.

In addition, at this time of day, many of us do not have time to get tired. But not everyone can afford such a run, in most cases due to work or daily activities. In addition, in the summer in the middle of the day can be very hot.

Evening run: advantages and disadvantages

Some coaches recommend running in the evening. And this is due to several factors:

  • In the evening, the body will not experience stress, so running will not be a big load for it.
  • You can remove stress after a day's work, distract from bad thoughts.
  • It is useful for working the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.
  • Another peak of activity falls on the period from 4:00 pm to about 6:00 pm, so it will be quite easy to run.


  • Many in the evening very tired. And running after a hard day's work is not only very difficult, but also quite harmful, since all systems and organs are already working literally for wear and tear.
  • If you train too late, there is a risk to provoke overexcitement. In this case, you face insomnia.
  • In the evening there are a lot of people on the streets, some are confused.
  • Evening air can not be called clean, it has a lot of exhaust gases, emissions from factories.

Determine the optimal time for yourself and start jogging.

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