What time do the boys sit down?

Alexey Ganzenko
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What time do the boys sit down?

Nature has laid a huge stock of curiosity in the kid, so his desire to get up in order to better view the world around us is quite understandable. However, during the first year of a child�s life, his skeletal system in general and the spine in particular are not yet ready for serious stress. Therefore, doctors recommend not to hurry with bringing the baby to a sitting position - it will be better if he does it himself.

When to sit down baby

However, the recommended age is six months. The first attempts to attach the baby can be started earlier - from four months of age, but here you need to be extremely careful. Often the crumb is planted on his hand, pressing one hand to himself and the other, supporting from the bottom. When the child has mastered this pose, you can begin to sit him for a while in a comfortable, soft place, not forgetting to support him with your hand.

The fact that the child begins to sit does not mean that his spine is ready for an upright position. During this period, the seat should be rare for the baby.People often ask what time the boys sit down and what time they put the girls. The answer is unequivocal - the gender in this question does not matter.

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