What the weather will be like in Sochi in October 2017 - the most accurate forecast for each day from the Russian Hydrometeorological Center

1PVSO-001Moderately warm, mostly clear at the beginning of the month and cooler, rich in precipitations at the end - this is what the weather will be like in Sochi in October 2017. Weather forecasters working in the Russian hydrometeorological center report that in the first decade of the month they will still be able to bask in the soft sunshine and get a beautiful even tan. The air temperature during this period will be +18 ... 20 ° C in the daytime, and at night it will go down to + 11 ... 12 ° C. The most courageous, seasoned holiday-makers even dare to climb into the invigorating, but not yet icy, water, and to make several long swims. The bulk of the tourists prefer to get water treatments in more comfortable conditions and go to the indoor water parks and pools, abundantly available at the resort.There you can buy plenty of warm water, like fresh milk, and combine entertainment with healing and restorative procedures.

General weather forecast for Sochi at the beginning and end of October 2017

According to a general preliminary forecast, the weather in Sochi in early October will be moderately warm and calm. The first half of the month will be pleased with the air temperature of + 16 ... 20 ° C in the daytime and around + 9 ... 12 ° C at night, overcast skies, regular clear, sunny days and reasonable rainfall.


On the 17th, the weather will begin to break and the city will be dominated by cold atmospheric fronts, marking the arrival of the real autumn itself. The air will slowly begin to cool, the sky will be tightened by a dense veil of clouds and rain will become a characteristic attribute of almost every new day. In the last days of October, the weather will scare Sochi residents and guests of the resort with intensive precipitation and frost on the ground, as if hinting that winter is close and it’s time to get sepenton jackets, warm fur coats, hats and waterproof shoes from the cabinets and mezzanines.

Weather in Sochi for October 2017 - daily detailed forecast from the hydrometeorological center

A preliminary forecast made by employees of the hydrometeorological center of Russia, reports that in early October 2017 in Sochi, the weather will be warm, mostly clear, and sometimes even sunny. Short rains will pass only in the first days of the month, and then not a single drop of precipitation will fall in the city until the 13th.

But in the second half of the month, the autumn will show its worst qualities and will wrap the resort in thunderstorm clouds, dampness and cold winds. The last decade of the month will be remembered for the abundant prolonged rains, sharp temperature fluctuations and the almost complete absence of the sun. Clear and dry weather will be established on the last day of October, and in November the city will be met with moderately cold air, variable clouds and light cool winds reaching 3-4 m / s.

Preliminary weather forecast for Sochi for every day of October 2017


The first two days of October in Sochi will be warm, sunny and clear. In the afternoon, the thermometer will rise to + 17 ... 18 ° C, and at night it will drop to + 8 ° C. Light clouds barely cloud the clear sky, but they won't linger for a long time and quickly fly away, being carried away by a pleasant southern breeze.

From 3 to 5, the number sharply gets colder.At noon, thermometers will fix + 11 ... 13 ° C, and in the dark, the temperature will drop to + 7 ... 9 ° C. A number of inconveniences will bring torrential rains. They will for some time prevent residents and guests of the resort from comfortably walking along city streets and enjoying magnificent natural views.

From the 6th day in the weather situation there will be significant improvements. The sun that has emerged from behind the clouds will warm the air first up to + 16 ° C, and then up to + 19 ° C and will give a reason to say that the second “Indian summer” has come to Sochi.

By the evening of October 12, the sky will popasmornovete, and already the next morning the air temperature will drop to + 12 ... 14 ° C and Sochi will again cover heavy rains. A bright and clear "window" will be issued on the 16th, and on the 17th and 18th the resort will be dominated by an arctic cyclone, accompanied by prolonged precipitation.

Over the next week, cloudy and clear days will constantly alternate, so an umbrella, a thick jacket and waterproof shoes will become the most relevant elements of clothing that make you feel comfortable outside, regardless of the weather's tricks.

From the 29th, the temperature will begin to fall steadily and the thermometer will not rise above + 8 ... 10 ° C in the afternoon.Night indicators will amount to + 1 ... 2 ° C and the first traces of frosts will appear on the ground, clearly demonstrating the change of the warm season to the cold one.

Weather in Sochi in October 2017 - what will be the temperature of the water near the resort


Despite the fact that the weather in Sochi in October 2017 will be slightly less warm than usual, the water temperature in the first week will be + 18 ... 19 ° C and also allow you to make a couple of heats. Although, only the most hardened resort visitors will risk entering the invigorating waves of the Black Sea. The majority of tourists will limit themselves to sunbathing in the morning, and for pleasant water activities they will go to indoor water parks and comfortable pools, which are available at all reputable hotels, boarding houses and rest houses. There, everyone will be provided with a full range of health, entertainment and care services, so the absence of a full-fledged beach holiday will not upset anyone.

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