What sport to do?

Tell me, what sport is bad for the heart, and which is the opposite is the most useful? In childhood there were heart problems. I think that it does not hurt to strengthen it. I can not stand running ....


It all depends on the specific situations: the level of load and the degree of physical fitness and endurance of the person. Any sport can be harmful if you immediately give a large load without preparation. A gradual “entry” into any physical activity is necessary. Naturally, there are extreme sports, but they are not considered in the context of health benefits.

Do not like to run - there is nothing scary! Regular walking at your usual pace of 30 minutes a day is already a great health benefit. In addition, there are several types of walking: for example, Scandinavian, which is extremely useful at any age, including in older age groups.

Some people like swimming, and it is also a very healthy sport that will not overload the joints. Someone likes to dance.Therefore, choose what is closer to you and enjoy doing it.

* Anna Kontsevaya is an expert in the social-educational program “Pulse of Life” and the action “Put your clothes on in red!”.


Try swimming: this sport will be safe for you, because it gives uniform and low loads on the heart and joints, which compares favorably with running.

I think swimming is definitely useful in this case.


And I would advise Yoga, it does not require endurance and preparation. But all muscles support in a tone, learns to breathe correctly.

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