What do men wear this spring? Interview with stylist Julia Eprintseva

Men's fashion has changed a lot lately. The men themselves were ready for this?

Fashion does not change instantly, everything happens gradually, and the further the person's activity from the fashion world, the slower these changes occur in his life. Now the stores have a huge selection of clothes for every taste - from ultra-modern design solutions to completely everyday, ordinary options.

The main change is rather that our men have finally begun to pay attention to appearance. It was realized that a thoughtful wardrobe, firstly, makes life easier (when the clothes are picked up correctly, you generally do not think about it), and secondly, it opens many doors. We have more than 30% of clients - they are men. Most of them, however, came on the tip of their second half, so that the role of women in the formation of the men's wardrobe is still predominant, but there are those who addressed themselves.

What is it, men's fashion? What styles are now in trend?

At the peak of popularity - comfort. This is a relaxed silhouette, getting rid of stiffness in clothes. Even in a suit you want to feel as comfortable as possible, so a pair of “suit plus sneakers / urban sneakers” has become the norm.

No less popular sports style. His main signs are monotonous contrasting colors, comfortable forms, typically sporting elements (a lot of knitwear, stripes, loose sports pants, hoodies, etc.).

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