What should be the fashion for women over 50? (10 pictures)

Whatever they say, and a woman is an alien creature who is capable of much, if, of course, she wants. We are not talking about any supernormal abilities or something fantastic, we are talking about the ability at any age to remain beautiful and unique.

It’s not for nothing that women are often compared to expensive wine, over the years they even lose their youth and inexperience, but they acquire other noble colors, with an admixture of wisdom and indescribable charm.

Elegant and stylish

It becomes sad because most women of mature age cease to like themselves, they are increasingly avoiding their reflection in the mirror: wrinkles upset someone, and someone is not satisfied with a figure that will never become a girl.

But this is not a problem! Any age is beautiful in its own way, each period of life has its own colors and norms, adhering to which you can look perfect at any age. And it's not about wrinkles or full hips, it's about your mental balance and morale, because, first of all, a beautiful woman is a happy woman.

In 50 years can and should be beautiful

At the age of 50, there is its own attractiveness and its merits; by this time you’ve probably already put down your own style, your worldview and attitude to fashion, you’ve tried many styles and trends and now you probably know what you’re up to.

The most important thing at this age, as, indeed, in any one is to find the right style, the right size and the right color, to find the thing that will give your image of freshness and femininity.

You can be beautiful at any age

Fashion for women over 50, of course, has its own rules, but the most important thing is to learn how to choose such things in which you will feel comfortable, while remaining a graceful and sophisticated lady.

If you learn to feel this fine line, then look beautiful and easy to get from everyone who wishes, regardless of age and body type. Another problem for women of this age is the unwillingness to change, to take some step in your life, which maybe you have never done before and did not even think about its necessity.

We say this to the fact that there are a number of ladies who have worn jeans and trousers all their life, not recognizing skirts and dresses.Maybe it's time to try? By the way, the most elegant and optimal clothes for women is a dress, especially if it concerns mature age. The next point is to learn how to choose the right dress or skirt. In this, we will help you with your recommendations.

How to choose a style dress or skirt?

For all types of figures, styles that are up to the knee length and a little lower, by 5-7 centimeters, are suitable, but no more, otherwise the effect of weighting the lower legs is created, maxi dresses are also allowed.

The most profitable figure is the type of “hourglass”, such women can boast of rather large breasts and hips, which harmonize in their width and almost completely coincide with the upper part.

The main thing is to have your taste

Such women will fit almost all styles of dresses, especially those that emphasize the waist, for example, with a belt or grooves, will look especially beneficial. Women with wide shoulders need to choose such styles that will increase the narrow hips, for example, models with low waist.

If you have a rather heavy bottom, then it's best for you to choose the styles of dresses or skirts flared to the bottom.If rather narrow shoulders are added to the wide hips, then a round neckline will help to expand them visually, thereby balancing your body shape.

If you have a good figure - wear dresses

For the same purpose, suitable dresses with sleeves, lanterns, as well as jackets or upper part of the dress with a V-neck, not very deep. Women with a “rectangle” figure can choose dresses with a smell, it is also necessary to emphasize the waist with the help of belts, models with a high or low waist will look good.

Fat women, of course, will have to mask their extra pounds, flared skirts and slightly loose, but not loose, dress styles do the best.

Be sure to wear dresses

Many women after 50 years, there are new problem areas, which, in their opinion, can not hide. We are talking about the hands and the decollete zone. In this case, you can use different transparent fabrics in such zones that will not create the impression of a "sealed" briefcase, but at the same time they will cover your problem areas.

What should be clothes for women after 50?

First of all, learn how to correctly choose the color scheme, for each age has its own preferences and recommendations.For example, it is preferable to forget green and purple colors, because they can even make very young girls older than 5 years, why should you?

White color will make you younger

Black color is not always appropriate either, because of it skin tone can acquire an earthy and unpleasant color, with the exception of those ladies whom it really goes, or it combines well with other colors and shades.

It is best to choose colors that will harmonize with the shade of your skin and eyes, most often these are light and pastel shades: soft blue, pink, peach, beige, cream, white, coral.

Do not forget about scarves

The next moment - drawings and prints on clothes. They are easily combined with any age, the main thing is to choose the right direction: if the cell, then it should not be too wide, if you prefer flowers and berries, then it's time to stop choosing a large print, but not bright, but rather muted, look you will be noble and very harmonious.

Connect different things

Dresses in polka dots or in a dim abstraction look very feminine. The main thing is to understand that a woman of golden age should not allow herself too bright inscriptions, huge pictures and ultramarine colors.

Remember that your age is a period of elegance and nobility, therefore it is the discreet classics in clothes that will harmoniously look.

Many designers recommend at that age to switch their attention to expensive and natural fabrics, the same can be said about accessories and footwear: if the bag, then leather, if the earrings are precious or natural materials.

Do not be afraid of bright colors

But still, this is a purely personal matter, moreover, now the progress has reached the point that jewelry can look nothing worse than, for example, natural pearls, and the leather substitute is not inferior to natural materials. So it's up to you to count on your wallet and your preferences.

Remember, there is no rigid framework that can and cannot be worn by 50-year-old women, the main thing is a state of mind, everything should be harmonious: your appearance with your inner world.

And most importantly, remember, the most beautiful and attractive woman is the one on whose face a sincere smile shines, so enjoy the moments and each period of your life, because they will not be repeated.

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