What should a man do if a woman is very jealous: 5 tips


  1. Try not to provoke an attack of jealousy even as a joke, if you value your woman and know this weakness behind her. Do not play on her feelings and do not flirt in front of her eyes with other ladies. Be friendly, but restrained, at least in her presence.
  2. Give her compliments more often, increase her self-esteem, pay attention. She is jealous because she is not quite sure of herself, she is afraid of competition, she is afraid of losing you. You can find the right words to soothe and cheer your jealous girlfriend.
  3. Keep in mind that your woman can make a scene supposedly on the basis of jealousy, not only because she is really jealous, but because of lack of attention and ... adrenaline. She just sometimes needs a hormonal and emotional shake, and the woman thus tries to drag you into the “storm zone”. The classic scheme: a stormy quarrel - no less rapid reconciliation with excellent sex in the final.
  4. Do not give in to inquiries about your previous novels. Be on the lookout: any details from your former relationship can be used subsequently against you. So do not satisfy the excessive curiosity of his lady.

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