What lipstick suits brunettes

Each woman, regardless of her age and status, tends to look spectacular and stylish, and decorative cosmetics, mainly lipstick, can always help her with this. The lips of a woman are a special sensual and tender part of the body, requiring careful care and care. Provided that the color is chosen correctly, tinted lips become more expressive and sexier, attract the eyes of many men like a magnet. In addition, a well-chosen shade is capable of emphasizing the color of a woman’s hair and making her features more expressive. The choice of saturated colors of lipstick is probably the most lucky for brunettes, as they can use bright shades and do not risk looking vulgar or defiant at the same time. Speaking about which lipstick is suitable for brunettes, it is worth noting that, in the opinion of many, the pastel and very light colors of lipstick make the look of a brunette colorless and dull. However, do not forget that in addition to hair color, when choosing a lipstick you need to take into account eye color, skin tone and other characteristics.But, one way or another, compared to blondes and light brown-haired women, saturated colors are more suitable for brunettes.


Considering the question of which lipstick is suitable for brunettes, you must first say that brunettes are different. Some are owners of gray or green eyes and dark hair, others have raven-wing hair and dark eyes, some have lighter skin, others have dark skin. Therefore, it is necessary to select lipstick based on these and other features.


Many brunettes are advised to use a lip liner a tone that is darker than the lipstick itself. This will make the shape of the lips more expressive and attractive.


If you are not good enough to understand what lipstick is suitable for brunettes, then you should pay attention to the advice of experts. So, brunettes with black hair, brown, dark gray or black eyes and dark skin, can safely use a ruby ​​or rich pink lipstick. If you decide to use a separate lip gloss, then the best thing is not a colorless gloss, but with a red tint. In the dark,it will look good raspberry red or dark red lipstick with glitter. In the afternoon, you need to focus on shades of peach or coral.


For brunettes with dark skin, dark brown hair and green brown eyes, coral or dark pink shades are perfect. In the evening, it will be preferable to choose a ruby, plum or red-brown lipstick.


A brunette woman with dark eyes, dark skin and light brown hair will have dark and light pink shades in the daytime, and for the evening it is better to choose not too red or juicy dark cherry tones.


Naturally for brunettes, there are other options for combinations of eye color, hair and skin tones, but if you know what lipstick is suitable for brunettes of these basic types, you can easily find the perfect combination according to your color type of appearance.


In addition, dear brunettes, do not forget that you also need to choose the color of lipstick on the basis of clothing style, age and, of course, fashion.

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