What kind of cystitis drink antibiotics

Antibiotics for the treatment of cystitis should be prescribed by the attending physician, who, when prescribing treatment, takes into account the individual history of the patient. The type of medication may depend on the severity of the disease, on the chronic or acute form of cystitis, on the presence or absence of complications, on the infectious or non-infectious nature of the disease. It is necessary to select with the doctor the most effective drug suitable for a specific patient, since an inappropriate medicine can cause a relapse and the transition of cystitis to the chronic form. Antibiotics for cystitis prescribed in the event that the disease has an infectious bacterial nature. The inflammatory process can provoke streptococcus, E. coli, Proteus, and other pathogens.
The most popular antibiotic, which is prescribed for infections of the urinary tract, is "Monural."The drug is available in powder with a dosage of 3g and is taken once. “Monural” is a broad-spectrum antibiotic that quickly and effectively deals not only with the symptoms of cystitis, but also with its source. The drug will relieve pain and reduce the number of bacteria in the urine within a few hours after taking it. Pathogenic microorganisms rarely form resistance to the drug; therefore, Monural is widely used to treat exacerbations of cystitis caused by a variety of pathogens. An important advantage of "Monural" is its non-toxicity. The drug can be taken during pregnancy and in children from 5 years.
Chronic forms of cystitis are often treated with “Nolitsin”. "Nolitsin" has many contraindications: in particular, it is not used to treat children. Nevertheless, this antibiotic has proven itself as a reliable antimicrobial agent for chronic cystitis and pyelonephritis.
Another antibacterial drug that is active against many pathogenic bacteria and fungi is Nitroxoline. The drug can cause allergic reactions, so it is prescribed only after a thorough medical examination.

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