what is?

means to strengthen the immunity of the child? I don’t want to pill again with pills, but we are already sick just 4 times (((


And the most elementary methods did not try, to walk, to rest and eat lots and lots of fruits, vegetables, berries, greens! Let not quickly, but it will help!

To strengthen or improve immunity, it is rather simple to take ovitamins before the time and everything will be fine. This is the easiest way!

There is enough money, we can advise you - but still it is better to ask you not here. It is necessary to consult a specialist, look for what is best suited.

Often those children are ill who either do not complete the treatment and immediately run to the gardens and schools. Or the problem is really in a weak immunity.

Herbal teas, a variety of fruits and vegetables, all this should help pretty well, but of course you can see for yourself how it will be, because we have different options in life .. And in general there are some problems with all this .

Well, in herbs it is also necessary to understand how far I know such children like mint and thyme can be, and now it’s better not to give Melissa! The pediatrician said this to us, in the same way ginger and honey, they are also allowed from a certain age!

Well, in general, there are a lot of such drugs, only there are quite a lot of various diseases in which one or other drugs cannot be taken by a child. So be careful, do not neglect children's health, it will not end well. We also give thymogen spray to the child, and we apply it ourselves, strengthens the immune system, no problems arise.

my friend told me about him! Thank you!

There are parents who do not think about the health of children in general, while others are very much taken care of. And that, and that leads to the fact that kids are sick. So you need to think with your head what is useful and what is harmful and try to strengthen the immune system in all possible ways.

But have you tried daily to take various vitamins and syrups? After all, this is the best option to recover quickly and then rarely get sick. Do not forget that everything depends on the organism itself.

I do not agree that it is good to drink vitamins every day. it is still not useful, there must be a course

Herbs are of course very good, there are those that affect the body's immunity. Why not, I'm all for it. Syrups are different, but it needs to be discussed with your doctor.

Very good effect on the body inhalation and aromatherapy! I buy oils of fir, spruce, juniper and seethe in the aroma lamp is an excellent prevention of colds!

Inhalation is generally a magical thing. First, you can breathe herbs, and secondly, you can do at home without any problems. I have always inhaled inhalations in my childhood and sometimes I have to have a little too, and what to do is very effective and safe!

It is not necessary to stuff the pills exactly, do you think! it’s best to take and do everything in a normal way so that there are no problems with all this, for example, to go to the doctor!

That's why you don't understand who told these people that it would be possible to cure them with pills? Usually it’s not so easy to do everything, and this chemistry obviously will not help you. If you often have problems with treatment, then use timogen spray at home, a good drug that helps most not only adults, but also children. Therefore, it is much better than sitting at home and doing nothing!

Some people think that in summer it is impossible to get sick and there are many healthy products that will saturate our organisms with vitamins. But do not forget about angina, viral infections that summer is always there.So you need to always treat and from the first day

We, too, by the way, we use Timogen spray, I see it now quite popular drug. I pshikayu them and myself and children, with it both in winter and summer, to strengthen immunity. As it seems to me, in summer there is a greater likelihood of catching a sore due to heat, viruses spread faster than in frost! I even noticed by myself, if not a virus, even just under the air conditioner, you can sit and say hello, cold!

Why don't you go to the doctor then? All the same, 4 times so sick - it is not good! Fir oil is an excellent tool, I also gave the child. There are different preparations as well.

It is really strange that there is a complaint, but at the same time you don’t consult a doctor. You should not joke with this, but at the same time it is worthwhile to choose the right decision as soon as possible.

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