What is Yandex?

What do we know about the Internet provider Yandex, except that it is a convenient search engine that has been used by a huge number of people?

In this article we will talk about the most popular Runet search engine - Yandex - and about its main services.

What is Yandex: yesterday and today

The Yandex system is a search portal that answers questions from Internet users. Its main purpose is to find the indexed pages along with the answer.

Now Yandex search engine ranks first in Russia, but as far back as 2000 it was a little-known company and was just beginning its promotion in the market. Later, from the search engine, Yandex becomes a multi-portal and has more than 50 convenient services provided to users, mostly free of charge. Such well-known services such as Yandex.Maps, Weather, Market and, of course, a search engine, attract more than 19 million visitors per day, which, according to analytical companies, exceeds the average daily audience of Channel One.

Yandex browser

In 2012, the company released its own browser, while conducting an active advertising campaign on television. The browser was localized under the Ukrainian and Turkish users, as well as the previous search engine. In the same year, a bill was passed recognizing Yandex as a nationwide translator of information. Thus, Yandex has become a company of national importance.

The leader of the domestic media market Yandex is recognized as one of the fastest growing companies. Every day the professional team is gaining momentum in the development of new and new services that are useful for the Runet.

Yandex core services

Yandex money

The Yandex.Money electronic payment system operates around the clock and is accessible from anywhere in the world, which is undoubtedly important and very convenient. To date, many projects and online stores use this online payment system as the main one. The accessible and intuitive interface of the program, as well as high security allows you to perform operations, starting with paying for mobile communication and right up to bank transfers to different countries.

Yandex Market

Yandex.Market will prompt you where to make the purchase you need. Millions of verified sellers of a wide variety of goods and services are gathered here.With this service, you can also compare the characteristics and prices of different groups of goods, read consumer reviews about the necessary thing or its seller, as well as visit the section with recommended online stores.

Other Yandex Web Services

If you are in a hurry somewhere, do not forget to use the map with Yandex. Traffic jams on the roads. They will help you choose the most flexible route and get around the loaded sections of the road as much as possible. Or you can call a taxi at all using the Yandex.Taxi service, and let the driver choose the shortest path to his destination while you read the news on the most popular Internet portal, Yandex.

Thus, Yandex is the leading Runet search engine, having in its arsenal a large number of systems and services successfully used throughout the world.

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