What is useful tantra?

Tantra is called the common Indian esoteric traditions, mainly represented in Bon, Buddhism, Hinduism. It uses special spiritual initiations and practices that lead to spiritual awakening that affects a person�s life.

Who is tantra suitable for?

Tantra is good for those who are interested in the following:

  • Self-development at different levels, the desire to understand who he is and how he works;
  • The relationship between people, in particular, between a woman and a man;
  • Yoga, various trainings, esoterics, psychology, etc .;
  • The desire to understand your life and change it for the better;
  • The feeling of a completely new, out of the framework, changing the boundaries of perception of oneself and the world around.

What does tantra give?

  • New bright impressions, experiences and sensations.
  • New tools and ways of self-knowledge.
  • Deep contact with his body, his feeling on a deep level. This allows you to feel better, to become healthier and deeper to live your life.
  • The feeling of bioenergy and the ability to manage it.
  • More subtle and deeper feelings of other people, the establishment of energy exchange in personal relationships at a new level, the ability to give and receive it.
  • Joy and openness to the world.

During tantric practices, a person achieves the following:

  • Increases the level of awareness of your life.
  • Establishes a harmonious contact with your body.
  • Feels deep feelings and feelings at a new level, experiences vivid emotions.
  • Feels a pleasant feeling of liberation and inspiration.
  • Learning to feel your energy and manage it.

Where to learn tantra in Moscow?

In Russia, tantra is often biased, because this word in the minds of many is always associated with tantric sex. This is actively used to promote sexual services. Tantra in Moscow is often represented by various sexual practices in saunas and baths, as well as by orgies, where self-development and spirituality are not even discussed. But people are addicted to this topic, because it is curious, forbidden, and interest in it is actively fueled by experienced marketers.

In fact, the topic of sex is only a small part of this ancient and wise Eastern teachings. And learning is something really useful, new and interesting. The obtained knowledge, skills and experience can significantly change a person�s life for the better if he learns from competent specialists and masters of his craft.

These teachers themselves have long and deeply studied tantra in order to understand, feel, properly learn everything that is needed, and in the future to transfer knowledge to their students. Over time, tantra has changed and adapted to modern realities, without losing its essence.

Tantra training from Sergey Knyazev

For those who live in the capital, we can recommend tantra training from Sergey Knyazev. Sergey Knyazev teaches classical traditional tantra, adapted to the modern way. In addition to oriental practices, education takes into account knowledge about the structure of a person and his psychology, as well as the teachings about bioenergy.

Sergey himself is a professional psychologist and trainer, he has been engaged in practical psychology for 18 years, of which he has been a trainer for 8 years. Now he leads various student-centered trainings. Since 2003 she has been actively practicing tantra yoga, which she studied with Russian professionals in the field of Body-Oriented Psychotherapy and Transpersonal Psychology and teachers from the USA, Brazil and Italy, including the Osho International Meditation Center in the Indian city of Pune.

In the process of learning, safe work is carried out with the deep layers of the subconscious: thus, changes within a person lead to significant external changes in his life.He becomes healthier, happier, opens more to the world, feels other people better. Personal relationships are established, interesting activities are found that bring satisfaction and wealth, life is felt brighter and happier, internal fears, clips and negative obstacles disappear. Changes occur naturally, safely and comfortably.

In the course of tantric practices, you can significantly transform yourself and your life for the better, and thus benefit not only yourself but also others. For many active trainees, life is divided into before and after such training. This is a vivid experience and a good experience, which is useful for everyone.

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