What is unique plant jojoba

Jojoba fruits are added to Japanese and Chinese cuisines, as well as to some seasonings. They have a tonic and expectorant effect, are used in food poisoning. Jojoba fruits contain a special waxy substance known as jojoba oil.

The composition and beneficial properties of plant products

Jojoba oil is a thick substance with high biological activity. The chemical composition of this oil is close to human sebum, so it is almost perfectly absorbed by the body.
Jojoba oil has a number of unique properties, while not having limitations and contraindications to use. It is hypoallergenic, so it can be used even for the most delicate and sensitive skin. Including, with the help of this oil, you can take care of the skin of the child.
The product contains a lot of vitamin E. This gives it antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, regenerating properties.The increased content of vitamin E also allows the jojoba oil not to oxidize for a long time, which is very important for its use in cosmetology.

Jojoba oil application

Oil plants are used in cosmetology as a universal remedy for hair, skin, face and body. It is suitable for all skin types, normalizing its condition.
The jojoba oil applied to the scalp-prone scalp effectively eliminates excess sebum. For dry hair, it will give a natural shine, strengthen it and reduce brittleness. It helps in the fight against hair loss.
Jojoba oil is an excellent tool in the fight against age-related skin changes. It is able to penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin and create a protective layer there that prevents the loss of moisture. As a result, the number of wrinkles decreases.
The composition of jojoba oil also includes collagen, it helps to increase skin elasticity. Provitamin A and Vitamin E help fight free radicals, which prevents premature aging.
Used shrub oil and for aesthetic purposes. With it, you can reduce the amount of stretch marks and improve the appearance of the skin.It can be used even during pregnancy and lactation, when the structure of the skin is damaged in many parts of the body.
Jojoba oil is used in medicine as a remedy against many serious skin diseases.

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