What is the secret of beauty Frenchwoman?

Well remember the face of a stranger, outrageously simple and ordinary. No slanted eyes, no chiseled cheekbones, no seductively shaped lips. But at the same time, she was literally glowing with undisguised charm, elegance and style. Glancing in her direction, I enviously sighed that only Parisians could be so beautiful. What is the secret of the Frenchwoman?

Need to accept yourself

When I started out as a model, everyone tried to remake me: I was too fat, too small, toothy, - I am very proud that I remained what I am

What is the secret of beauty Frenchwoman?
Laetitia Casta

Fashion comes and goes, forcing millions of women to change each year for the sake of a new trend. Magnificent forms were replaced by waist and chest tightened into a corset. A luxurious bust gave way to a flat boyish figure and bulging clavicles. And the androgynous figure was easily dropped from the pedestal of a beautiful woman with powerfully outlined abdominal muscles and hips.

Recall the angular figure of Coco Chanel or the absurd curls Edith Piaf.In France, there is an expression jolie-laide, which literally translates as "beautiful nekrasavitsa." It speaks not about the glossy, diligently induced beauty, but about the natural imperfections that make a woman unique and unique. Attempts to hide an overly large nose or crevice between the front teeth are doomed to failure. The fact that you are carefully hiding, one way or another, will come out at the most inopportune moment, destroying your confidence and self-esteem. But if you calmly accept the flaw as its exclusive and unique feature, it immediately turns into dignity. The famous French writer Marcel Proust wrote to his friend: “Let's leave pretty and standard women to men without imagination”.

Laetitia Casta

Do not be guided by fashion

I never hire a stylist. I choose all the dresses, even for the most important events, because clothes are a mirror of who I am inside. Yes, for some dresses I criticized in the most shameful way. But I'd rather be mistaken than going around in what they imposed on me. After all, mistakes make you a living person.

What is the secret of beauty Frenchwoman?
Audrey Tautou

“More means less” is the secret of the French style.Remember the tiny handbags Dior or Chanel: classic tough shape, clear lines, strict geometry and a humiliatingly small size. French women are not trying to foresee everything, carrying with them a multi-kilogram luggage. Their image suggests more style with fewer things that burden and hide a woman.

The French women have fashion in their blood, they are themselves a fashion, therefore they refer to seasonal tendencies with irony and a share of neglect. Every woman should understand that the images from the podiums are not always relevant in real life. And even the most stylish collection of Italian couturiers will be completely useless in the harsh conditions of the Ryazan winter. But the French will remain French even in the Russian provinces. Why? Because she will choose a wardrobe based on her own desires and features of the figure. And the innate taste is nothing more than the love of self and the pleasure of its attractiveness in clothing, which reveals not the knees and the chest, but the inner charm.

Vanessa paradis

Pamper yourself

Scientists have found that endorphin, the hormone of joy, is one of the most unstable in the female body.Surprisingly, it is just as easily destroyed as it is restored with its own resources. And one of the easiest ways to increase endorphin levels is chocolate. Coco Chanel, the founder of the world famous fashion house, had a skinny boyish figure by nature. But she often gave her models simple and elegant French food advice. He believed that a woman can order any food and eat any food, but only the first three spoons. Leaving the rest of the dish without attention, you can really enjoy the taste, get emotions from eating and at the same time keep the waist. Is it because of this whether French chocolatiers brought into fashion tiny desserts?

Yes, French women have one national trait - the desire for leanness. But while no Parisian will not get up at five in the morning for a morning jog or rush after work on yoga. Relaxed and able to enjoy the life of a Frenchwoman, they rather lie in bed for an extra hour or buy a crisp, fresh baguette for a snack, exchanging training for promiscuous spontaneous sex. Many French women do not understand how you can love yourself and be happy when you are many.But each Frenchwoman decides for herself how much weight and which forms are superfluous. First of all, you should get rid of the habit of giving importance to what others think about you, and only then from kilograms.

Anna Muglalis

Take care of yourself

I do not understand how a woman can leave the house without putting herself in order - at least out of courtesy. And then, you never know, maybe on this day you will meet your destiny. It is better to be as perfect as possible to meet fate.

What is the secret of beauty Frenchwoman?
Coco Chanel

The classic Parisian is a maximum of brains and a minimum of cosmetics. French women are well aware that this naturalness of youth and beauty will remain with you exactly as long as you appreciate this gift and care for yourself. It's not about the endless campaigns to the cosmetologist, but about the habit of enjoying the care of yourself. Relaxing baths and fragrant massage, natural oils and natural nourishing creams - all of this will not only preserve beauty, but will energize to maintain beauty from the inside. Modern French women do not hurry to resort to the help of a plastic surgeon, when the years take their toll.The ability to grow old beautifully is another feature of a classic Parisian woman who remains charming at 17 and 70 years old.

Emmanuel Bear

Do not save on yourself

Useful gifts are best. Say, I give him - handkerchiefs, he told me - mink coat

What is the secret of beauty Frenchwoman?
Brigitte Bardot

You will never see a Parisian woman who comes out of the shopping center with a huge number of packages. And the point is not in the national propensity to save, but in the preference for quality over quantity. It is better to buy one expensive item than several kinds of cheap faceless knitwear on sale. With this approach, a sense of style and taste develops, the ability to find the very thing that does not just fit in size and will be relevant all season, but will make the image truly charming and alluring. The exquisite Parisian style will never go out of style, which means you will always have something to wear.

Emmanuel Alt

Do not attach importance to age

French culture is the culture of mature people, adult women, who once had to give up the despondency of a bygone youth. Parisian women are always busy with adult life and their own pleasures, so they do not worry about the turn in 25, 30 and 50 years. The realization that human life will come to an end sooner or later, and it passes right now, greatly influenced the worldview of French women.France is a country of active adults, so forty and fifty-year-olds feel free to have fun the way they want it. Look at the French actresses who are now well past 50 and even 70. They are young, active and do not feel old at all. And how is it possible when you are beautiful and you feel so good with yourself even when you are retired?

In France, there is the concept of art de vivre, which means the ability to enjoy the little things and get real pleasure from the simplest things. Art de vivre is something that cannot be bought for money, it does not require you to have a country house or a home theater. One of the most common leisure activities among French women at 17 and 70 is to buy a bottle of wine, fresh bread and go to a home party in good company.

Catherine Deneuve


The only thing that matters is to love and be loved. This is the only thing I am sure about today. And beauty depends on the look with which you look at others. If this is the look of a woman beloved by someone, or at least just benevolent, it acts as a softening balm. The chance to live in harmony with what I do, given to me, is my beauty secret

What is the secret of beauty Frenchwoman?
Milen farmer

Self-love in French includes a portion of healthy egoism. It is he who allows not to compare himself with someone else, to ignore the opinions of others and with unshakable conviction to feel better. Not because you have a slender body, a beautiful face, or several higher educations. You are the best simply because there are no more. You are unique and unique because you are what you are. Energetic or tired, harmonious or irritable - it's all you.

To be irresistible, you do not need to live in Paris or learn the art of seduction from the charming Parisian women. Edith Piaf once answered the question about her creative life: “I did not obey and disobey - that’s what I have been doing all my life.” Listen to yourself and your desires, love contrary to, and then you will feel like the most beautiful and happy woman on the planet.

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