What is the need to limit yourself in the waiting period of the baby

A definitive "no" tell all the forums for pregnant women. You should not read them, sometimes they write things that can not only upset a sensitive woman, but also lead to depression. Do not read the history of childbirth, why do you need it? This is an individual process that is different for everyone. Do not set yourself up for the bad, because thoughts can materialize. Do not listen to anyone's advice, read books and poems, they are much better inspiring and uplifting. Very often on forums you can read truly horrible stories about childbirth. As a rule, they are exaggerated in many ways, moms love to be pitied, although, of course, there are exceptions. It is better to read this after the birth of the baby, then you can compare your own and others experience.

Refuse to communicate with those people who are unpleasant to you, do not force yourself, because all your negative emotions are transmitted to an unborn baby.Create a social circle in which you will feel like a fish in water.

Do not Cry! Yes, sometimes unstable hormones can provoke tears and bad mood, but try to restrain yourself. The fact is that when you cry, the child may experience oxygen starvation, and in general a nervous mother is not very good. During pregnancy, you must always be positive.

Do not try to be an ideal wife and hostess, no one can ever manage to do everything, it is better to be a smiling woman, full of strength, but with a moderate house order than a dull and tired one, but with shiny shelves in an apartment.

It is during pregnancy that you should feel incredible comfort, create and adjust these comfortable conditions yourself. Do not adjust to anyone and listen only to your feelings and your inner voice, which will never give you bad advice.

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