What is the "hour of silence"

Hour of silence at the legislative level

“Hour of Silence” is the official name of the time period during the day in which any loud work related to the construction and repair of apartment buildings is prohibited. In some regions, other sources of loud sounds fall into this category, the noise from which exceeds the number of decibels described in the law. Which is quite logical, the “hour of silence” becomes night time.
For the city of Moscow, the law of November 21, 2007, No. 45 (as amended on June 23, 2010), prohibits noisy work from 23:00 to 07:00, subsequently supplemented by SaNPiN (sanitary-epidemiological rules and regulations), prohibiting capital works and redevelopment of residential premises before 09:00 and later 20:00. Additionally, a regional law “On Silence” was adopted in the Moscow region, which entered into force from the beginning of 2014 and introduced an additional “hour of silence” from 13:00 to 15:00.
The law of St. Petersburg of February 14, 2013 No. 51-16 also limits the time of construction work from 23:00 to 07:00 under the threat of administrative liability.The Law "On Administrative Offenses" N 608-KZ dated July 23, 2003 in the Krasnodar Territory defines the same time period. Other laws of the Russian Federation are subject to similar laws, the difference is only in the amount of the fine and the morning border of the time period - some laws provide for the start of work from six o'clock in the morning, some indicate seven or eight hours.
Thus, taking into account all the norms and laws currently in force in the regions, the Moscow region is the “quietest” region - noisy construction work and other high-profile actions are allowed only from nine in the morning until one o'clock in the afternoon and from three in the afternoon to seven evenings from monday to saturday.

Regulation of construction, installation and repair work in the middle of the day in the regions

Although at the level of legislation a daily break in noisy work is not fixed in any region other than the Moscow Region, in fact in other Russian cities the function of regulating repair schedules is assumed by the HOA.
In practice, the daily break sets a separate HOA for a particular house, focusing on the requests of residents in determining the boundaries of this time.As a rule, “hours of silence” are associated with living in the house of small children, for whom a sleep period of two to three hours in the middle of the day is required - therefore, the time to stop work is scheduled from 13:00 to 15:00 or from 14:00 to 16: 00

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