What is the right way to wear different options body? (12 photos)

Body is an element of a women's wardrobe, which, in fact, can be called universal, because it can be easily combined with a variety of styles and parts of the wardrobe, and sometimes, in rare cases, it is even able to act as an independent element of the image.

Openwork option

In our region, this fashion came relatively recently, which is why Russian girls and women in a small confusion - with what to wear such a wonderful element of the women's wardrobe?

Bodies at the same time frighten their unusual appearance, but beautiful and very feminine styles more and more attract the attention of avid fashionistas. In fact, in choosing such an element of women's wardrobe there is nothing difficult, and we will help you to make sure of it.

The first mention of something resembling bodi can be found in the twentieth century, although at that time it was called a leotard, and he represented a universal dress in which girls and men performed in circuses, and, in time, the leotard degenerated into a swimsuit, which gained rapid popularity in the 80 years of the last century.

Knitted option

It was then that he appeared on fashion podiums as an independent element of clothing, won the hearts of many girls, and also became an unchanged element of the sports wardrobe.

This version of the body did not have the usual fasteners, which in the modern version are located in the most interesting place - between the legs. Now body is a very popular and comfortable clothing option for a young and stylish girl who must be present in your wardrobe.

For every day

Before you go shopping in search of the next interesting thing, you need to figure out what you can wear fashionable body?

It is very important to choose your choice on those styles and models that will harmoniously fit into your wardrobe, and, believe me, there are a lot of them.

Bright and stylish

Bodie is a kind of link between ordinary clothes and underwear, in appearance it resembles a swimsuit, but at the same time it can easily look like a solemn blouse or sexy T-shirt.

The main difference between the body and the underwear and swimwear is the presence of a special fastener between the legs, which can be represented by buttons, buttons, hooks or stickies.

It is important to choose a buckle that will be convenient for you, because nothing will press and not interfere, otherwise from wearing such clothes you will not get any pleasure.

For very brave girls

The top part of such clothes can have the form of an underwear turtleneck, blouse or shirt, sports shirt or, even, a corset, which looks very unusual and attractive.

The perfect combination of body and other elements of the wardrobe

How to wear a lace bodysuit, with a top shirt, turtleneck or corset? Without panic, each version of this beautiful element of female beauty has its advantages and scope, the choice should be made based on where you are going to put it on.

Outrageous option

We follow one, but important rule, body - clothes for slender or curvaceous women, if you have extra pounds on the sides, abdomen or back, then you will have to give up this style in order not to emphasize your shortcomings in a particularly rough form.

The best option for those who have not previously worn a body and now acquires it as an everyday thing are models of black colors from knitwear.

They can be combined with absolutely all styles of clothes, they look great with a bright top (jacket, sweater, cardigan, jacket) and are well complemented by a voluminous bottom - a long skirt or pants, shorts or jeans.

But putting on this element of clothing, strive to maintain balance - if you have a tight black body on top, then it's better to dress the bottom in something magnificent, giving the figure a volume.

To work perfectly

An excellent option - a skirt-sun, shorts with a high waist, wide trousers, but not narrow jeans or a pencil skirt. Such classic bodys are very comfortable to wear, they effectively frame the figure and make it visually more slender.

A great option is colored or monochrome bodi with long sleeves, which can be presented in different styles, but most often they are made from natural fabrics.

Silk option

Such models are perfectly combined with high short shorts that visually stretch the silhouette and legs, the main advantage of the body is that it is always tucked into shorts, never gets out, perfectly tightens the figure, giving the silhouette of a special femininity and refinement.

Can be worn with jeans

These body models are very well combined with mini skirts, this option can be a good substitute for a regular dress, with the difference that you can always change the bottom or top of your "dress". This composition is perfect skirts with pleating, with magnificent frills and basques, often a skirt with body is used as comfortable clothes for sports or dancing.

Shirt-body - the perfect solution for lovers of office style, because they are perfectly combined with a pencil skirt, with pants and skirts, which have a low waist.

Luxury option

In this case, you never run the risk of showing something extra, with constant turns, movements, transplants, you do not have to constantly fix the climbed edge of a shirt or blouse.

A very beautiful and feminine version - lace bodysuit, it is very effectively combined with shorts and mini skirts. To make sure of this, you should pay attention to the star style of many celebrities - in recent years, such combinations have become any for the publication and for a hike to secular parties.

Strictly and fashionably

So, if you want to become a star of the evening at some club event - this is what you were looking for. In addition to short options, the lace bodysuit is very extravagantly combined with business suits, the main thing, if you are the owner of a magnificent breast, is to choose a successful bustier.

What is better not to wear a body?

  • Everywhere the most important thing is to know the measure, the body doesn’t look in everyday life as an independent element of clothing; only pop stars in their scenic image can afford such exits.
  • The fitting bodys do not combine with high boots-boots, tights in a net or in a bright pattern, with sandals or shoes with a defiant decor.
  • Unsuccessfully selected bodies can give out shortcomings of your figure, especially if they are combined with through the tight fitting parts of the wardrobe.

How to choose the perfect body size?

Most importantly, remember, this item of clothing should always be measured. Wearing completely and buttoning all the buttons, check that you do not press anything and do not press, do not pull the skin, do not squeeze the chest and lower area of ​​the thighs.

This shirt does not need to be corrected

If you acquire a special corrective body, then teach that it should tighten the abdomen and chest, but you should breathe freely and move in it. Do not forget about the successful selection of underwear: it is better to wear seamless or smooth, which will not be treacherously printed under the tight body.

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