What is semantics?

August 17, 2012
What is semantics?

Anyone can think about what semantics is: someone according to his needs, during his studies, and someone for the sake of his own development. Regardless of your goal, the meaning of this concept will not change. By the way, we'll talk about the meanings.

Semantics: the meaning of the word

A broad understanding of the word semantics is expressed by the relationship between language structures and the real world. In other words, certain language structures (words, phrases, sentences, etc.) denote what exists in the world, that is, objects, their properties, actions with these objects; ways of doing this; relations; situations. Here we are talking about the semantics of the word. We can also speak about the semantics of the language, i.e. the combination of the above relations of the real and the imaginary.

So, from Greek, semantics is translated as "denoting".

The problems of semantics can be expressed by questions: what does the given concept, judgment, statement (for example, text or formula) mean; as they must be understood.

Semantics answers how, in what way, a person, with the help of a natural language, is able to convey a wide variety of information about the outside world, as well as his world, inside, even if he was first confronted with this task.

Summing up the topic of what semantics is, we can say that this is a section of linguistics that explores units of language.

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