What is race?

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What is race?

Human races are large groups of people connected by common origin and have the same external features. What is race and which races are isolated? Race - a set of specific genetic indicators inherent in a particular population. According to external signs, there are three main races:

  • Caucasoid
  • Mongoloid
  • Negroid (or equatorial).

Some researchers also distinguish the Australoid and Amerikanoid races.

Almost half of humanity of the earth belongs to the Caucasoid race, most of the peoples of this race live in Europe. In Caucasians, light skin, soft, straight or wavy hair, thin lips, narrow nose, eye color may be different. In addition to Europeans, this race includes Indians, Tajiks, Armenians, Arabs. All Slavs - Caucasians.

In Africa and America live people of the Negroid race. For the Negroid, there is a characteristic dark color of the skin, hair and eyes, curly or wavy hair, hair and hair are poorly developed on the body and face, most of them have a wide nose, the upper jaw comes forward, and the lips are thick.

Almost 40% of the world's population belongs to the Mongoloid race. The peoples of the Mongoloid race settled on the vast expanses of Asia, the Pacific Islands and on both continents of America. The Mongoloids have a yellowish skin color, straight black hair, eyes narrow, like slits, a flat face, a wide nose, lips, slightly thickened. This race includes the Mongols, the Chinese, the Koreans, the Japanese, and other peoples of Asia.

Representatives of the Australoid race inhabit the northeast of mainland Australia and the eastern part of the island. New Guinea. For this race, the characteristic dark color of skin, hair, eyes. The scalp is well developed on the face, the nose is wide and flat.

The American race is the descendants of the Indians, they have straight dark hair, a straight nose, and eyes with a medium incision.

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